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22TCN Ministry of Transport. Technical Criteria on the Design of. 1, mm-Gauge Tracks. Ministry of Transport. 22TCN 7. Standard for soil investigation and treatment design for embankment stabilization. 22TCN 8. Standard for Cone. Based on the Vietnamese Standard 22TCN the design criteria criteria which are defined in the different way in 22TCN and.

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The top layer is surface course, which must be durable, smooth, rough; resistant to plastic deformation and cracking at high temperature, traffic abrasion, disintegration, and must not cause dust and intoxication. At the same time, it can reduce traffic noise and dust, and prevent the glare for opposing vehicles.

The formation of right shoulder is shown in Table 6, the left one has the same width as the right shoulder but the width of stabilized part can be reduced to 0. The distance between posts is prescribed in Table Emergency signs must be placed when the natural disasters or the accidents occurred on the highway, or when a part of traveled way must be closed for repairing of highway. Highway — Require standard design for side roads, frontage road, linking road to expressway.


Roadbed must be compacted to the standard density rate as given in Table When the height of 22cn slope is more than the values recognized in this table, or if other types of soils are encountered, testing 22tcb needed for calculating the stability of cut slopes.

Even in the bad weather conditions, dust, bad light The cross section of steels is at least 4mm in thickness, to mm in height and it should be formed in corrugated shape for increased rigidity. Assessing process on environment effects on project and design. The places of deep cutting or high filling should be compensated by planting vegetation, and 22gcn of waste soil and borrow pits should be redesigned for better forms. When the intersecting angle is less thanthe realignment to increase the angle of intersection should be considered; – On the plan, the alignment at intersections should be straight, the place of horizontal curve should be avoided and curvature radius less than the normal minimum value of corresponding highway category must never be used; – At-grade intersections should be placed at the flattened terrain.


Major technical specifications of all categories of highway are shown in Table 22tccn. The roadbed structure is demonstrated in Figure 1. Hardly rock, lightly weathered cracking 16 1: Density of filling soils follows the regulations of roadbed.


Deep cuts and high fills should be avoided. The length and the edge of cutting place must be large enough for three-axles truck turning around. Intersections at an angle less than should be avoided.

In special sections, it may be allowed to use the grade smaller than 0. However, there is no need to place this berm when there is a protected wall, or when the height of cut slope is lower than 2. Figure 7 – Minimum arrangement of an avoiding bus stop Cross section elements Cross Slope Rate Pavement and 17-87 stabilized part Cement concrete and asphalt concrete 2. When it is necessary, the roadbed must be widened to ensure the remaining part 171-7 soil shoulder is not less than 0.

It is calculated in meter by the formula: Toe of slope downstream must be rock blocks with the ability of scouring protection.

Trung Luong – My Thuan Expressway Stage 1 – Implementing project

The requirements in Article 5. Railing bars and posts are designed and checked based on strength requirements given in Table Road surface at landing of ferry or pontoon bridge must be at least 9m wide, covered by cement concrete. Guide posts are placed on soil part of shoulder. The feasibility study must be done for the selection of highway category.


At the same time, it should be ensured that water from the road itself can run out easily. The best intersecting angle should be 171-78 right one. The gradient of intercepting ditch should be well fit with terrain characteristics, but its value must not be less than 0. Easy to read, to see.

The other elements of 171-8 section can be narrowed where allowed; however, the difference should be not significant and the transition section must be provided. Minimum dimensions of parking areas are as follows: The dimensions of traveled lane are unchanged. When the thickness of pavement is more than 0. Pavement structure must be placed on traveled lanes for motorized and non-motorized traffic, speed-change, climbing auxiliary lanes, stabilized shoulder parts and the surface of service areas of highways of all categories.

R 22tcb curvature radius of a point on the clothoid, in meter; L – length of the arc from the beginning of the curvature to the considering point; in meter; A – curvature parameter. Clearances in the tunnel. It may include following services, which are managed by local authorities: Click here to sign up.


When possible, it can be solved by two solutions: However, it must not be larger than the roadbed width. In special cases, it must not be smaller than Then, revolving the traveled way and stabilized shoulder part about the center line profile to the full rate of superelevation; b The convex side of the curve is revolved about the centerline profile to the cross slope of traveled way similar to method a.

On the tourist roads, no more than one foreign language should be used in the guide signs. Flush medians, with the pavement surface c.