Contractor’s initials_________________. ABIC SW For definitions, see pages 55 & Page i. Simple Works Contract. Schedules. 1. Schedule 1. Description. Architect-administered standard contract for housing and commercial work, for small to medium sized projects. As a guide the ABIC SW- Contractors’ Forms – Simple Works Contract. No. Title. SW Request for information/instruction/notice. SW Notice of Intention to Claim. SW Details of.

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Electronic data transfer – client and architect agreement Electronic data transfer – client and architect agreement.

ABIC SW-2018 H WA Simple Works Contract Reference Copy

Phase change materials — overview Phase change materials — overview. Staging of estimates Staging of estimates.

Environmentally certified products — overview Environmentally certified products — overview. Advice to client – conditions of engagement. Project alliancing Project alliancing.


Australian standards Australian standards. This is a standard contract for major work other than housing work. Novation – other issues Novation – other issues.

Section C — Security: Predicted vs actual performance of green buildings Predicted vs actual performance of green buildings. Health and happiness Health and happiness.

Your brief to your architect. Section E — Insurance: Preparation of contract documents – contaminated land Preparation of contract documents – contaminated land. Work experience for school students Work experience for school students. simpld

Completion – thanking contractor. Energy systems, appliances and equipment Energy systems, appliances and equipment. Surety bonds – glossary of terms Surety bonds – glossary of terms. Concrete cancer and precast concrete Concrete cancer and precast contrsct. Specialist consultants after practical completion Specialist consultants after practical completion.

ABIC SW (Simple Works) Commercial – 3 pack |

Measurement and calculation Measurement and calculation. Managing your project costs. What are an architect’s moral rights? Accessible tea point Accessible tea point. Proportionate liability Proportionate liability.

ABIC SW H VIC (Simple Works) Housing – 3 pack |

Workplace issues Workplace issues. Quality Based Selection – why use? Fee worsk Fee calculation. Charging unrealistic fees Charging unrealistic fees. Co-housing — an introduction Co-housing — an introduction.


Domestic building energy assessment Domestic building energy assessment. Fast-tracked projects – implications Fast-tracked projects – implications.

Urban freeway abi design and management Urban freeway vegetation design and management. How variations can be made under the contract. Induction of staff Induction contraact staff. The fee can be a percentage of the Actual Cost, or a fixed fee. Co-housing — the Australian context Co-housing — the Australian context. Thermal mass in building design Thermal mass in building design. Case studies Case studies. Contractor selection Contractor selection. Section F — The Site: