Admonition for the Neglectful [Abu Laith / Translated by Rafiq Abdur Rehman Samarqandi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book of . Not to be confused with Imam Abd Al-Wahhab Ash-Sha’rani’s Tanbih’ul Mughtareen also translated as Admonition For The Neglectful English. Admonition For The Neglectful: Tanbihul Ghafileen By Faqih Abu Laith Samarqandi Edited and Translated By Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias Hardback Pages.

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He should then never allow ostentation to infect his actions, for this will pour water over all that he does.

Admonition For The Neglectful

This is revealed by the historical origin of the book. Rasulullah sallallahu-alayhi-wa-sallam replied that he would receive double the reward therefore, one reward for performing the admonitoon secretly and the other for it becoming apparent. How can piety be recognized? When a person senses any show and ostentation in an action, he should try his level best to eradicate it. Hadhrat Zun Noon Misri A.

It includes instilling Imaan and the fervour to act, using warnings, hopes, similitudes and parables. Someone asked Rasulullah sallallahu-alayhi-wa-sallam about which acts will secure salvation in the Hereafter. A perusal of books like Tambeehul Ghaafileen, Bustaan nehlectful others will portray the same fact. On the Day of Judgement, those who were ostentatious will be told, “Go to those for whom you had carried out your actions in the world.

A once asked Rasulullah sallallahu-alayhi-wa-sallam whether he would be rewarded for an action that he performed secretly, but people had learnt about it and he felt pleased about this. I humbly request religious scholars neglsctful grace me with a notification of such errors. Then they will be told, “Your actions are wasted and your rewards spent.


A to constitute valuable “bayaans” lectures. When he was asked about the reason, he replied that he did not like to use the sand of another person nglectful permission.

In the same way, good actions are shattered by ostentation and boastfulness, neglecttful it will not accrue any reward. He passed away on the 11th of Jumaadal Ukhra, A.

He used to say that he never spoke a lie since he reached an understanding age. This is the first part of this series. The person is then rewarded for encouraging others.

A saint once advised that sincerity should be learnt from a shepherd. There is no share for you here and the deceiver should collect his reward from the one admonltion whom he acted. I have published a translation and commentary of this book, adding references and sources where necessary.

He replied by saying that there were four traits by which they could be recognized. Collect the rewards for your actions from them if they are able to give you anything!


Rthe great scholar of divine sciences. Performing an action for anyone besides Allah will be deceiving Him.

However, I long felt the desire in my heart to render a religious service to the public, so that it becomes a means of securing my salvation in the Hereafter. We have presented a translation for every Muslim who is interested in strengthening ones Imaan, and improving ones character, personality and behaviour, beautiful guidelines have been provided in this wonderful masterpiece.

Maulana has favoured the Muslims by placing this fortune in their hands, the worth of which the entire world cannot pay. May Allah grant him the best of rewards. Hadhrat Abu Bakr Waasiti R.


These are all a result of incorrect intentions. He will then regard himself as the greatest and look down on all others. The book in your hands is a translation of neglectfhl work titled Tambeehul Ghaafileen, which is famous amongst the ulema.

A”People call me a pious person. Admpnition reading Tambeehul Ghaafileen, I intended to translate it as well, but every person cannot do everything. It is a wealth of good practices and noble character that will easily make a person ascetic and pious if he keeps this book with him and studies it carefully.

If a person has these three negkectful, he should thank Allah and display humility. There is a great possibility that errors may have occurred in this publication because of my deficient knowledge.

Admonition For The Neglectful by Imam Abu Laith Samarqandi (HB) – Darmakkah

He was known as Imaamul Huda the leader of guidance during his time. Guard against ostentation because this is shirk.

I am well aware of my deficiencies in knowledge, and I accept that I am unable to do justice to a noble task like translation.

A study of conditions in Samarqand and Bukhaara during that period reveals that the ulema concentrated their lectures and public addresses towards spiritual reformation.


May Allah grant me the ability and capability to complete the series. Someone once told Hadhrat Shafeeq bin Ibraheem R.

If it cannot be eradicated, he should not abandon the action, but seek forgiveness from Allah.