Ahmad Shamlou, also known under his pen name, Alef Bamdad, is among The following are 9 poems by Ahmad Shamlou and their English translations by. Ahmad Shamlou (December 12, – July 23, ) was an Iranian poet, writer, and . Shamlou connects his poem to the collective consciousness of the whole world, presenting characters of the hero and even the social scapegoat rather. Mar 02, “Don -e- Araam” translated by Ahmad Shamlu is published. Sad Story. Mar 05, , The Children Poems section has been added. Feb

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From shqmloo explanation of the poemit seems like a very powerful and emotional piece…I would love if you can find the time to translate it and the other poems on your site line by line…that way some of your students can more fully appreciate these gems of Persian literature. Help Support Easy Persian: Aida’s Thanks, Shamlu’s latest Poem. He underwent several operations and inhis suamloo foot was amputated due to severe diabetic problems.

With one light in his hands, and one in front of him, he is challenging the darkness. Then you became a treasure. If you have any suggestions or questions please do not hesitate to contact us at the following addresse: He has been calling loems even in the vacuum where there was no God, nor a warming fire either. Latest Official letter from Aida He rose to fame from his next volume of poetry, Fresh Air Persian: Imperative and greed provoking A treasure of that sort That shaamloo made ownership of the earth and towns, The way they are, So pleasant!

Mahloujian when she received Dagerman Award on behalf of Mr. In contemporary poetry, few have accomplished this kind of rhythm as Shamlou has.


Inhe left the United States for Britain to act as the editor-in-chief for a new publication called Iranshahr ; he resigned after 12 issues and returned to Iran just after the advent of the revolution. Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality. In this poem, he feels strong in confronting ahnad absolute darkness. He has also written a number of plays, edited the works of major classical Persian poets, especially Hafiz.

Shamlou connects his poem to the collective consciousness of the whole world, presenting characters of the hero and even the social scapegoat rather in a curious way as we read about the case of a man who sacrifices himself for land and love and, yet, who is betrayed by others due to their ignorance and biases. Even though his focus is the purity of such individuals, many of whom were his close friends, Shamlou writes his elegiac poems ahmadd and does not hold back from criticizing and denouncing hypocrisy and cruelty of his society.

Mahmud Saba Kashani — One of the disciple of Nima Youshij, Shamlou, standing among the generation who adopted his techniques, constantly sought untried ways, new poetic realms. Journey in the mistNegah Publication.

Ahmad Shamloo

I started to learn farsi as new challenge with the idea to travel in Iran soon. Oct 22, New French Translations has been added to translation section. He traveled to Paris for medical treatment.

Contemporary Persian and Classical Persian are the same language, but writers since are classified as contemporary. I had to type in the site manually into the address bar to get here. Alexadrian In search of you I weep at the threshold of the mountain, At the margin of the sea and the foliage. Starting inowing to the harsh political situation in his country, he led a rather secluded life that would last for the next eight years, working with Ayda on The Book Of Allyas well as many other literary endeavors, including a translation of And Quiet Flows The Don by Mikhail Sholokhov.


Cemalettin EFE November 22, 8: Ahmad Shamlou has published more than seventy books: Amitis Publishers, Tehran, Iran.

Shamlou translations

In search of you, I weep at the passage of winds, At the crossroads of seasons, In the cracked casement shamloi a window Which builds an old frame Out of a cloudy sky. Inpoe,s became editor-in-chief of Ketab-e-Haftea magazine that changes the tradition and language of literary journalism in Iran. He had turned into a myth years ago. Latest Shamlu’s open letter to ” Association of Iranian Authors “.

In he toured the United States.

Ahmad Shamlou

He died on Sunday, July 23,at 9 p. The first and second volumes of The Book of Alley went to print. The Children Poems section has been added. He toured Europe giving many lectures and readings. Views Read Edit View history. His translation of Barefoota novel by Zaharia Stancuwas released inestablishing Shamlou’s authority as a translator.

Inhe made a final attempt at completing his high school degree in Urumiehbut he failed. The Dark Song, Translated to English by Fanous Bahadr-vand Upon the Plum beaus back ground of morning the rider is standing silent and perturbs his horses long mane in the wind. Poetry portal Literature portal.

View a machine-translated version of the Persian article. Inhe left his country as a form of protest against censorship and the suffocating political atmosphere.