Again, we appreciate your selection of an Airtronics Radio Control System and wish you many hours of flying enjoyment. RD Transmitter Specifications. AIRTRONICS. RD Radio System. Operating Manual. INTIMES no! Airplane Thank you for selecting the Airtronic RD Radio System. In deigning the. download airtronics rd manual. I need a owners manual for an Airtronics RD radio (not the super).. I found one here, but it’s $

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In this example we have set RV. Now you can add rudder to aileron mix.

Back to home page. Flight Modes are used to allow activation of the DTM function. Note that the rudder servo will still respond to rudder stick movement as well as with aileron stick movement. Switch positioned away from you F-Mode 2: The three servos are mixed in various ways to obtain the control response that is needed for Aileron, Elevator and Pitch control.

You should set the packaging aside for use if you ever need to send your radio in for service, or to store your radio in case you do not plan to use it for an extended period of time.

Add to watch list. This feature can also be used on an engine powered model to make small elevator trim corrections as power is applied or airtrknics. This amount is subject to change until you make payment.

When the instructor is ready to begin training, airtronicw presses and holds the spring loaded switch on his transmitter which transfers control to the student. In these aircraft the two tail controls perform both as elevators and as rudders. Note that both servos will respond equally when you move the aileron stick on the transmitter.

Can be set Positive or Negative. In the following example, we will assume you want airgronics have separate servos for aileron control.

For Sale – Airtronics RD Super, 2 receivers – RC Groups

The Liquid Crystal Display shows an Aero model selected; however, a similar screen will be displayed when a Helicopter type model is selected. The same procedure as indicated above applies to setting the Fail Safe positions for the other channels. It can also be used so that the strip ailerons act airtrknics flaps and deploy in a downward direction to create both lift and maanual. You only need to read the introduction section and the one that applies to your type of model.



This allows you to hook up your control linkages and pushrods in the most mechanically desirable manner without regard to the direction of servo movement.

Typical thermal sailplanes require about twice as much of up travel than down travel of their ailerons in order to produce mqnual coordinated turn. You can sit the left compensation in the same manor if any compensation is needed. You must always be aware of which flight mode you have selected before starting your engine or attempting flight!

Any other modifications made to the transmitter other than adjusting qirtronics tension will void any airtroncis all warranties covered be Airtronics Inc. Now press the END key and the screen will show that you have selected model number two which is a helicopter setup. Note that one of the small triangles is blinking which indicates there is another screen associated with this function.

The airborne components consist of the receiver, which receives the signals from the transmitter, decodes them, and relays the commands to the servos; the servos which are simply electronically controlled motors used to move the controls of the plane; the NiCd battery pack which provides power for the receiver and servos to operate; and the switch harness which allows you to turn the airborne package on and off.

A common mix would be Aileron to Rudder to achieve coordinated turns without moving the rudder stick. The range of values and default settings for each is shown below. The screen will then change to read OK! To adjust stick length, hold Part B with your fingers kanual unscrew Part A counterclockwise to loosen the two pieces. This screen tells you the present Exponential status of the elevator channel and when a Dual Rate Exponential switch is set to ON position, the Exponential setting for that control function.


It can be used with a separete flap servo with an output on the receivers channel 6 or as flaperons with two aileron servos on channel 2 and 6. With these servos, mechanical adjustment is the only method available to ensure proper operation of the retracts. The Spoiron function is normally used with sailplanes. See the following illustrations. L Revolution Mixing Low Point. The throttle servo will then rotate further to close the engines carburetor and stop the engine. This means that the downwards-deflecting aileron will move half as much as does the upward-deflecting aileron.

H which is the revolution mixing high point.

Seller assumes maunal responsibility for this listing. By making this adjustment with an electronic mixer, the pilot does not have to alter the elevator digital trims each time flaps are used, and thus does not have to re-trim the elevators for normal flight. We recommend that you charge the transmitter battery while installed with the supplied ATX charger, Part The connectors are rugged but should be handled with care. After your first flight and your aircraft has been trimmed, you can then program a more precise adjustment for trim authority by use of the STEP function.

In the following example, I will use C-Mix 1 to mix Rudder to Elevator as maybe needed for knife edge flight. These are in addition to the predefined mixers. Remove the antena by unscerwing it counter clockwise. In addition, there manul bar graph indicators on the screen at all times that visually show how much trim has been set for Elevator, Aileron, Throttle and Rudder channels.

This is a valuable option as most sailplanes will need a change in pitch trim when ever flaps are deployed.