First published: 05 November Reviewing two of the latest reports by social mobility tsar, Alan Milburn and ‘social justice’ champion, Iain Duncan Smith . Alan Milburn’s social mobility report – summary · • Lunchtime summary · • Afternoon summary. Alan Milburn is publishing his report on social mobility. Photograph: Matthew Fearn/PA. am: .. MichaelWhite (@MichaelWhite) May 30, Milburn’s report – the first of three on social mobility commissioned by In , nine out of 10 of those companies were offering vacancies in.

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The Press Assocation has snapped this. And as a consequence they created new white collar opportunities in the regions and other nations of the UK.

Alan Milburn: ‘Threat to new era of social mobility’

People are put off going into politics because they do not want to open their private lives to scrutiny, Ken Clarke said today. As John Milnurn reports, Cable, in his witness statement, said he was told that several Lib Dem colleagues were approached by News Corp representatives “in a way I judged to be inappropriate”.

Explore the topic Social mobility Community and society. The senior ranks of the professions are a closed shop. David Cameron has developed a ‘special relationship’ with Tony Blair, holding at least eight conversations with him on how to run the country.

I will be voting for Jane Kennedy because I want a police commissioner that I can work with. Fixing the economy and helping David Cameron succeed are the two prerequisites of Mr Osborne eventually becoming Tory leader.


There is no sense of the sort of galvanised effort that the Neuberger Report induced in law. We could uncover little systematic effort on the part of the medical profession to address moobility palpable unfairness”.

There is, however, a lot more that needs to be done. Vince Cable’s witness statement is now on the Leveson website pdf. Nick Clegg has also been giving interviews this mobilty about government plans to extend the free childcare that is available to the parents of young children.

In a Mumsnet chat before the general election, he said that allan sharing at Westminter would help to get more women into parliament. News Politics Politics live with Andrew Sparrow.

Policy paper Fair access to professional careers: When David Cameron arrived in Washington in March for a major official visit he was driven in a Mercedes, the German marque, prompting puzzlement from some observers.

Alan Milburn: ‘Threat to new era of social mobility’ | Society | The Guardian

I’ll let you know if they do. Without a single representative or regulatory body, responsibility for bringing about change to the media sector sits with organisations’ boards, senior staff, editors, and human resources teams.

Greedy petrol companies will today be given “one last chance” to pass on price cuts to motorists aalan or face Government action. And there should be transparent and fair selection procedures. Turn autoplay off Turn autoplay on.

Fair access to professional careers: a progress report

Skip to main content. Which is of course why the government has done it. The government should find a way of kitemarking quality internships, he repkrt. What seems to distinguish journalism from other professions is that interns are substitutes for what in other sectors would be regarded as functions carried out by mainstream paid employees.


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So it is no coincidence that the s saw an unparalleled social mobility in Britain and that coincided with an upsurge in professional employment. The government’s adviser on social mobility will warn in a major report that the country risks squandering the chance to recreate the golden era of the s, when workers from all parts of society had the chance to join the professional classes.

It seems that regional disparities in being able to get on the professional career ladder are growing. Vince Cable, the business secretary, has started his evidence to the Leveson inquiry.

This was published under the to Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government. Join Guardian political correspondent Andrew Sparrow as he brings you all the day’s political stories live from Westminster and beyond. Is this page useful? That injustice is primarily a British export, shipped abroad in the days of the empire.

But, having now had the chance to have a look at Milburn’s full report pdfit is obvious that this silver lining is wrapped around a rather dark cloud. Maybe where the government has led, the professions can follow.