Praise. “A well-crafted page-turner that addresses the most important issue of our time. It will keep you reading well into the night.”—Vince Flynn “Berenson. Alex Berenson’s debut novel of suspense, The Faithful Spy, is a sharp, explosive The first spy thriller to grapple squarely with the complexities and terrors of. The Faithful Spy. Posted on August 20, by Alex Berenson. Release Date: April 25, Published: April 25, Buy: amazon · barnesandnoble.

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Feb 26, Yvonne rated it it was amazing Shelves: The female MC is telling the male MC about how she lost her virginity. Wells speaks perfect Arabic and a smattering of other languageshas converted to Islam, and has painstakingly managed to gain the trust of al Queda’s top brass, including the big dog Osama bin Laden himself.

Yes, terrorists come in all shapes and sizes. I found this first in the series average at best and more depressing than I expected. I’m not thrilled about it but neither am I really disappointed. They played by the same rules: Alex Berenson paints John Wells, our ‘faithful spy,’ so well that I could imagine sitting across the table with steaks and beers chatting about his life. Return to Book Page. Some of the politics back home were tiresome, but on the whole it was an exciting novel an 1 in the John Wells series.

The Faithful Spy – Wikipedia

I just discovered your books and Apex am a fan. He does a pretty good job as a first-time author. During his time there he has come to see the west as decadent and has converted to Islam, but he still works against Al Qaeda. I write fast, not super-fast, but my writing is very clean, which helps.


During the battle he and soy crew of Al-Qaeda members are on a hillside where a group of United States Marines are stationed. It came out the week we invaded Iraq, so not too many people have heard of it. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. I suspected I’d disagree with it politically but hoped it would be a good read anyway. Non stop acton and amazing suspense.

For Wells has changed during his years in the psy. There’s a constant back and forth with Berensin Wells trying to prove his loyalty to both sides, a love interest, and a ticking-bomb type ending.

The novel won an Edgar award for Best First novel. He is disgusted by the leaders of al Qaeda, and he is equally disgusted by the leaders at the CIA. I found it not only enjoyable to read but came away with a better understanding of today’s headlines. That could be as it often is simply lack of knowledge on the teh of the writer.

I now have to check out other authors who write contemporary spy books; but not right away. The terror of the people on aled plane was palpable. But I owe Keanu one for sure. Working against internal and external adversity, making the right things happen even after wading through the intelligence bureaucracy.

The first was fantastic, but slowed down toward the end. The topic resonated for me. Posted on August 20, by Alex Berenson.



Something that stood out for me: She continued to believe in him despite serious questions within the CIA and refused to pull him in, becausetheirloveissotrue. A strong silent man to take her away” p He is a man in danger of being lost between two worlds. Because I had that experience, I knew that sometimes you have to push on, that you can always fix your mistakes, but you trap yourself if you keep writing the same paragraph or page over and over.

Even in war, deliberately targeting civilians is criminal. Dec 04, Tim Warner rated it it was amazing.

I find this odd and as I like to read books in order it has prevented me purchasing the others in the series. Other books in the series.

The Faithful Spy

The book begins a few months after the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States, with John Wells, an undercover CIA agent, in the middle of a battle in Afghanistan. Terrorists, bombs, lies, and germs. Literary spy novel about a deep cover agent in the War against Terror. Whether describing the rendition of suspected terrorists and their subsequent interrogation, Berenson strikes an accurate chord. I will be checking out more books in the series as well.

Wells has been undercover with Al Qaeda for many years, fighting in Chechnya, Afghanistan and Pakistan.