2) It struck me as odd that you mention in Alice in Genderland that your wife preferred not knowing exactly what you’re up to as Alice, and yet. Alice in Genderland is the memoir of Dr. Richard Novic, a successful psychiatrist who, in a certain milieu, is known as Alice: a six feet tall. Collection: LadyLike. Institution: Transgender Oral History Project. Creator: Creative Design Services. Date: Topics: Crossdressers, Crossdressing, Drag.

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Additional information Publisher iUniverse. Though it does this by sidestepping the very concept of guilt, I applaud the writer for having progressed beyond wallowing in pity and ceasing to move forward. It feels like someone understands everything I’ve gone through in life, but never had the courage to say out loud. It’s the rather well-written, compelling autobiography of a crossdressing psychiatrist who has negotiated a remarkable degree of freedom within his marriage and been able to live life to the fullest.

If any have faults in any way, then you have fallen short of the mark. The reader who is unfamiliar with transgender issues may be surprised by the facts presented in this book e. In truth, I was expecting a revelatory book and this, unfortunately, is not one in the sense of a new explanation. I had to know more.

Alice in Genderland: A Crossdresser Comes of Age

When I lifted my body up and moved my arm back behind me, I felt I think that Dr. Xondra Day rated it it was ok Nov 09, No less relevant today, it has been updated and revised, making it worth revisiting. Anyone who has struggled to figure out who they are and how they want to live will surely appreciate this informative and engaging life story. Written from a very human perspective and the everyday life of a transgendered person. The single biggest difference I see between the two of us that of the extrovert Richard and the introvert myselfwhich accounts for our diverging paths.

Most of the time, Rick is a man at the office or a husband and genderlabd at home.


Lists with This Book. While describing many and most of her intimate encounters, the writing stays on task and he This book totally surprised me. Perhaps because he is a psychiatrist explains why he feels comfortable expressing his views in such a sexist manner.

In contrast to the life he leads today, Rick Novic suffered since his sporty, nerdy boyhood with a secret, a desire he was in no way equipped to handle, but one that eventually burst through his denial, a few months before his wedding day. Daniel rated it really liked it Aug 11, Time and time again I saw myself in his words, remembering the delight of slipping into that stolen pair of panties, or that borrowed ill-fitting bra. Yeah – there is a bit more to it I think.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Though many may see these as contradictions, Alice does a masterful job of explaining and reconciling her two realities.

Novic wrote this memoir because he wanted to honestly share his experience with crossdressing. But one night a week, Alice is a woman about town, shopping, dining, dancing, and dating a man for nearly a decade. There seems to be zero interest in explaining what the experience of being a woman is like outside of the desperate need to be penetrated and loved by men.

At no point, however, does Richard ever offer any direct advice, or ever suggest that anybody live as he has done. I admire those transgendered people brave enough to put themselves out there in public eg Bruce Jenner who are trying to dispell myths and educate the rest of us.

Gdnderland Caldwell rated it really liked it Apr 01, Gendeerland to main content. Most of the time, Harvard-educated psychiatrist Richard Novic is Rick, a man at the office or a husband and father at home.

Subject: Alice in Genderland – Digital Transgender Archive Search Results

Just once, he felt, while he still could, he had to know how it felt to be a woman. Focuses on all aspects good and bad, but never clearly makes a judgement of anyone or their reasons for being an ything but what they are.

He goes through therapy to find the early causes of this behavior but ultimatel This is a book written by not only a medical doctor but one who is a psychiatrist.


Your review will post soon.

This is not just about feelings and crossdressing alkce the story of how one human being, coming face to face with a problematic disposition in his life, learns to deal with it.

If she does know it all now, how are you two handling that change in your arrangement? Novic describes Alice’s sex life in particular may put some off, her encounters seem wrapped seamlessly into what is, through and through, an open and honest re-telling.

Content protection This content is DRM free. Read on your iOS and Android devices Get more info. I asked myself whether in fact Aoice did think this was an offense to God and I had to answer that I thought it was.

She seems to have found a way to love and commit to him despite his confusion in finding himself and his sexual relations with numerous men before settling into an ongoing relationship with his current male lover.

Alide relationships as a man and as a woman. And I found his book to be a vivid and accurate document of the TG social scene in L. Trinity rated it really liked it Jun 22, I tried pushing it forward, but then it lay awkwardly like an obstacle between me and him.

But one night a week, he is Alice, a woman about town, shopping, dining, dancing, and dating a man for nearly a decade. While describing many and most of her intimate encounters, the writing stays on task and helps one understand her better and appreciate the relationships she has. Ultimately, Richard sets himself up as a just one example of a crossdressing life, inviting us to take from his experiences what we will.

Just like the emotional conflicts that may be experienced by a transgendered individual, there are obvious conflicts of appearance between Richard and Alice.