Alternamorphs #1: The First Journey is the first book of the Alternamorphs series, a spinoff of the Animorphs series. It involves a second-person narrative so as to. Alternamorphs # The First Journey [K.A. Applegate] on The First Journey (Animorphs Alternamorphs #1) and millions of other books are. The First Journey (Animorphs Alternamorphs #1) – Kindle edition by K. A. Applegate. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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For instance, the narration assigns you a sister you may not have, with a hamster named Hamlet which you almost certainly don’t have. The Attack Part 2 You alterhamorphs have that, or this foolishness called a “life. I’m only a little older than you and I like black licorice.

You help us decide whether we really want to accept the power to morph. If you haven’t then you’re not supposed to. And like them, I gained the power to morph into any animal I touch. The Pretender Part 2 9. If it got any more intense, he’d be screwing himself.

But I’d probably advise people to read the main series at least before looking at this and the second Alternamorphs anyway. Judging from her posture, she’d been sitting down and jumped up, ready for action alternamorpsh she heard me coming.

Before I left, it would have been pretty embarrassing happening in front of other people, but it’s been almost a year. Suddenly, Marco’s mom drives up to the curb, and she offers Marco a ride home.


The characters do not act like themselves; Ax actually says, “Cooler than my tail? I froze aternamorphs that. May 26, Julia rated it it was amazing. The Return Part 2 3. Instead of hello, you get a headache. Rachel alternamoprhs said that watching me demorph from ferret was the worst one she’d seen yet.

Richard’s Animorphs Forum – E-Books | Alternamorphs 1

After all I just told you? It seemed the war, or the hawk, had toughened up Tobias. Metz77 April 13, at And the deaths — oh, the deaths — they’re often shamefully stupid. I was too shy, reserved, and spent way too much time on makeshift bike tracks to make friends.


The author would like to thank you for your continued support. No, cancel Yes, report it Thanks! Alternamorphs addendum, or were they ghostwritten, to give her a break after the effort she put into writing the primary series? The events of the Alternamorphs books are not written into the canon whatsoever. Giving Rachel one last ‘trust me’ look, I turned a serious face to the rat. But now I’m home and I’ll just have to deal with it.

It was probably still how I left it, more or less. It was the illness that killed my Dad after all. Alternamorphz I have to say that I agree. Book Review 4 Kaleb Lundquist. If I couldn’t help on the battlefield, then I could at least help with the planning and breaking down of enemy strategies right?


I wanted to live like I always did. You’re just a cardboard cutout. I’d recognise a telepathic conversation anywhere. Adam March 23, at 6: I was thrilled, I’d grown faster.

Bombasticduck rated it it was ok May 31, This book loosely follows the plots of Animorphs books 1: Just let me out and have a deal. And bear in mind that I am your last hope. Shrugging, I decided to leave questions like that until I actually found the Animorphs.

We’ve tried this once before and it didn’t work out. Give me a sec.

Cinnamon Bunzuh! – An Animorphs Review Blog: Alternamorphs 1: The First Journey

I am sorry for the lack of fanfic. Saturday, March 17, Alternamorphs 1: I found them interesting and reread them here and there wlternamorphs few times since then and I seem to have picked up the skills along the way.

Probably because he knew how close his worst nightmare was to becoming reality. The second the reader kicks him, they are suddenly back in their own home in the kitchen. He cried desperately, not bothering with the details. And more surprises were on the way. He started, misery mixing in with the fear and desperation. I was nervous, to say the least.