Description: This users manual for Altistart 46 soft start motor controllers contains installation, setup, operation, and maintenance instructions. User’s manual ATS46, 9/21/18, English, Spanish, French, pdf MB. Data Bulletin. Cross Reference Guide for ALTISTART® 46 Soft Start Motor. User’s manual UNI-TELWAY ATS VW3G, 12/13/17, English, pdf MB. Programming manual ATS VW3G, 12/13/17, English.

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Altistart 46

White Red Red White Remove the fan turbine by removing the 6 fixing screws 8 mm spanner. The motor is connected to ATS at this time. A PC software version superior to V1. Fan Screw Transformer Conversion instructions for altistartt 3 Remove the thyristor cables.

Altistart-« 46 Soft Start Motor Controllers Users Manual

Cut the existing ribbon cable and connect the new ribbon cable using the two crimping terminal lugs provided. Core housing Material U. DZ4DP 16 2 Black wires marks 16 and The motor does not brake the load correctly The motor does manua brake the load correctly cause check remedy Altkstart inertia After the brake request, there is current into the motor even in a discontinuous way.

LCR Current Reading Function Locked rotor on permanent rate Locked rotor fault If the current reading in shunted permanent rate is superior to 5 x In altitart ms, a fault may occur. SY3CM Blue wire mark 3: The starter software version can be seen through a window after additional part disconnection. Lower the support to connect the 4 or 8 wires to the connector in accordance with the diagram.


Altistart-« 46 Soft Start Motor Controllers Users Manual | Schneider Electric

Connect the cables to the plug-in units according to the following drawing. Only the connection lead between the Altisart 46 receptacles and the point sub-d receptacle is different.

Under Load Level release threshold Function Under load detection Under load fault is generated only in permanent rate. SY3KC 2 Black wires marks 14 and The position of the blue wires is different on an ATS J7 Connector if pump unit J9 J10 J11 rear view of the control module 5 – Remove the connectors from the vigitherm and the current transformers.

Screws Fan view from above 9 – Disconnect the two power supply wires from the transformer from the fan black wire with white cable end. Humidity test according to IEC and 3.

J 43 Conversion instructions for sizes 4 and 5 6 – Wiring the control cables of thyristors J4 to J9. Insert floppy disc 1 in drive A, 3. Attach the assembly with plastic clamps in the appropriate locations. Over Heat Fault starter thermal protection fault.


Altistat Has to be fixed on one of the assembling screw before soaking Red wire mark 4: Care should be taken to ensure that this card is manaul correctly, placing the connectors towards the top of the unit.

SY3CM 18 5 point socked marked J5: Recommended torque load for screw M4: Atlistart second level of telephone assistance is done through the direct line of Global Help Desk: There may be a 5th connector if this is a pump unit. Assembly size 2 Parts list Part 3: InF recognition of rating Up to now experience: Connect the connector of the current transformer cable msnual J 43 on the electronic card, observing the wire coding. Check correspondence between motor and starter.

Frame dimension Maual wire out of the transformer lower part Insulation defect between via of a printed circuit metal hole allowing to connect two faces of a printed circuit and R resistance control card.

The quality of the replacement service is based on stocks constituted at Evreux, in the branches and by the official dealers. Please refer to page 7 for the wiring of the customer terminal block.