Comprender La Comunicacion by Antonio Pasquali at – ISBN 10 : – ISBN – Monte Avila Editores – : Comprender la comunicación: L Monte Avila – pp Subrayado y con anotaciones. S. Antonio Pasquali is the author of Comunicacion y Cultura de Masas ( avg rating, 5 ratings, 0 reviews), Comprender La Comunicacion ( avg rating, 4.

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in latin america

This is a useful introductory book to communication science. Aug 29 – Analysis of the complex and interconnected elements of film production.

Analysis of Brazil’s workers’ press showing its development from being an anarchic syndicalist movement to l organized institution today. Overall view of functionalism and structuralism in communication. Communication ethics in a latin american context.

Teorías de la comunicación by Manuela Atehortúa on Prezi

It comnuicacion a pessimistic conception of history It stresses how TV constructs reality and transforms ways of life and understanding. This book is an excellent review of Latin American research essential for an overview of communication in the continent. It marks a turning point in communication analysis.

The Case of Taiwan Chapter Fontcuberta, Mar y J. It is important as a historical reference of the “American communication theory” in order to understand Latin American theoretical production.


A collection of articles which evaluate different alternative communication experiences. Collection of conferences dealing with media, politics and ideology.

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Editorial Policy Disclaimer Groups. Thorough analysis of gestures, movements, spacial relations in communication processes.

Click here for free trial login. As a compilation of examples, it is very useful book for creative journalism writing.

Critical analysis of TV within a social contex and proposals for alternative productions. It analyzes the four major paradigms in social sciences Durkheim, Neo-positivism, Weber, Marxthe mathematical conception of society, formalization in social sciences, cybernetics, systematic prospective methods, structural methods and motivational methods.

A very useful book for organizational communication students. This book, as a historical document, is essential for understanding communication and development processes.

A collection of articles of the author dealing with mass media and mass society analysis characterized by his critical and charming approach. This book written in the seventies is a clear example of the “ideology” approach to media in which journalism is seen as propaganda. Las formas ocultas de la propaganda. Such a civic ethics cannot be content with a conformist adaptation to present reality by merely ajtonio or reproducing it.

Well known French scholar who lived in Latin America analyzes the dangers and aggressions of space ownership in relation to satelites and worldwide communications. The book includes various articles by Latin Amrican investigators dealing with communication national policies and their relation to development within a cultural and social perspective. The Media and Development Network. The purpose of this chapter is to identify principles of social ethics that rise above the oversimplifications that characterize traditional morality.


Its introductory essay presents an excellent basis for its historical and theoretical approach. Please log in from an authenticated institution or co,prender into your member profile to access the email feature. Aug 27 – 3: A classic in linguistic which shows the relations between “texts” and “contexts”; that is, between functions and structures of languages and its social and cultural relationships.

There are several important issues regarding the foundations of communication ethics pasqua,i the Latin American social and cultural context.