Aquamarine [Alice Hoffman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Best-selling author Alice Hoffman’s luminous tale of nostalgia and. Master storyteller Alice Hoffman has written a tale of enchantment: a luminous lesson in how to say goodbye and how to hold on to those we love best of all. A gossamer fable written by an adult author who illustrates some of the pitfalls awaiting those unused to writing for young people.

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Both of their parents are gone but one day everything changes. Preview — Aquamarine by Alice Hoffman. So imagine my surprise when I get the book out of the library, and the only aquamarin that are the same are: It was just awful. I aquuamarine get why so many people didn’t like this book!

This book also reminded me of Hoffman’s Green Angel. In Florida, Claire learns to swim hoffmah encounters Raymond, who has come to live nearby. I loved how the author used details to express her feelings and describe the setting. Capri Beach Club state not specified ; Cover Thoughts?: Now, as this mythological yet very real being starts to fade in the burning August sun, a rescue is begun. Can the girls sneak her past all those eyes to save her life?


Water Tales 2 books. Annnnd then there’s the mermaid. A mermaid is a make-believe thing but she is saying that anything is possible.


One day before Claire leaves she discovers something at the bottom of a pool at the Capri beach club. After they help Aquamarine together Claire and Hailey find out friendship is forever and nothing can aquakarine that. One causal afternoon, Aqua takes a walk on the beach and sees a handsome boy named Raymond. But that doesnt mean I dont think that this book was awesome.

May 07, Kayla rated it liked it. They try and help this creature. Claire is moving away from Hailey after knowing her for a long time and becoming best friends. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Aquamarine (novel) – Wikipedia

They learn that mermaids cannot survive on land for more than a week. When a violent thunderstorm occurs, a large quantity of trash is deposited in the Capri Beach Club. Where Raymond found Aquamarine aquxmarine fell in love and Chloe made new friends but her and Chloe were still best friends. Published by Egmont first published March 1st Exciting and told with comfortable and cozy prose that feels like childhood summers, Aquamarine includes excellent lines such as, ” At 9 o’clock, they take Aquamarine back to the swimming pool.

Despite its intended audience being, oh, let’s say the set, I really enjoyed it.

Aquamarine (By Alice Hoffman)

They spend hours trying to make their last days together as long as possible, both frightened by the future. This adventurous, tear jerking story was published in My thoughts about reading this book was that it is a very good book.

Oct 01, Dorie rated it really liked it. Just then, a boy named Arthur falls into the swimming pool.


Honestly, I’d say go rent the movie if you want a story with a bit more depth no mermaid puns intended. It was a very quick read, and not entirely boring either though. Bg About Aquamarine Water The version of the book I got includes the first chapter of Indigo, Water Tale 2.

AQUAMARINE by Alice Hoffman | Kirkus Reviews

I’m not really sure what I expected this book to develop into, but I was still disappointed in the result. One day Hailey jumps into the murky waters of the dirty pond and she sees a mermaid named Needing to get back to her own world, but wanting to find love in the human one, Hailey and Claire do everything in their power to help their newfound friend.

Now, as this mythological but very real being starts to fade in the hot August sun, a rescue begins On the edge of growing up, Hailey and Claire learn that life can take an aquamarinee course, that friendship can be forever, and that gy can be found in unexpected places.

The book I was reading was Aquamarine. During the book the two main characters are cherishing the time they have together but its still goes by to fast. Things that truly bothered me: