In response to repeated requests over on BoardGameGeek, I’ve been working on a series of tutorial articles to assist ASLSK players in learning. Absent, however, was anything approaching a tutorial, or a guide to It may have been sired by ASL, but ASLSK owes its parent no allegiance. ASLSK Tutorial – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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Admittedly there is some variation. In keeping with this aim, the Kits require only a small investment of time and money. Board v would appear again in Starter Kit 3 a year later.

Then Crescendo of Doom. In retrospect, it was a bold move.

One of the main things that confused me is the name “Attacking Player. Having played ASL for decades, a lot of rules become second nature. Tutorual new game rendered all Squad Leader materials save the boards redundant.

The ASLSK Tutorial Project

This particular form of concealment is such a fundamental part of how Guns work in ASL that it could not be trimmed. I’m sure every ASL Player has a similar story. A half-page of text later you find the reference, in the last paragraph of the subsection. GeekGold Bonus zslsk All Supporters at year’s end: Absent, however, was anything approaching a tutorial, or a guide asldk learning the newfangled game.


I began my Squad Leader journey in and still remember the Christmas joy when Cross of Iron appeared under the tree.

The new Kit is self-contained. Forums New posts Search forums. There are two obvious advantages to the SSR approach. In fact, this sub-system has grown so much over the past decade that it often bewilders uttorial very people it is meant to attract. In fact, there are so many minor differences between the rule sets that keeping track of them during play can be tedious.

What’s it to ya,? The styling, new board format is tailor made for Starter Kits. I still refer to these when I need to relearn and wrap my head around a particular rule that is in it.

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The ASLSK Tutorial Project | GameSquad

The board game from Baltimore had a different kind of programming, programming that unlocked a turbulent, technicolor world of the early s. I wonder why MMP doesn’t have something like this available?

The game is easier to understand if you can visualize what tutkrial occurring on the imaginary battlefield.

You do find a listing for DC. Moreover, Infantry cannot dart across a street Dashor tutoria the edge of an obstacle Bypass.

Things like an index I imagine would help the grognard help the newb. Are they right to think that ASLSK has become a separate book rather than a new chapter in the growth of the hobby? It’s hutorial as comprehensive as any ASL article out there and would make a decent armor tutorial.


I am sure many folks appreciate the time you take to make this all available. The publication of tutoial bare-bones version of ASL that captures the essence of The Game is a remarkable achievement. The reduced weight of the card stock boards has enabled MMP to consolidate smaller modules into larger ones.

Ken Dunn, the lead developer, and MMP accomplished this frugal feat by dramatically reducing the complexity of the game. Most Squad Leader components were consigned to the trash.

Although the first edition of Beyond Valor utilized boards 1 and 8, grognards were left with stacks of incompatible counters, and close to one hundred, redundant scenario cards if one includes the scenario packs published separately. As it stands, the lack of an index is arguably the second biggest shortcoming of the Starter Kit series. See Part 7 of this series for an explanation. As early asthe Romanians made a guest appearance in Cross of Iron.