AspectJ in Action: Enterprise AOP with Spring Applications [Ramnivas Laddad, Rod Johnson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. To allow. Aspectj in Action: Practical Aspect-Oriented Programming [Ramnivas Laddad] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A guide to aspect-oriented. MANNING. Ramnivas Laddad. FOREWORD BY ROD JOHNSON. IN ACTION. Enterprise AOP with Spring Applications. SAMPLE CHAPTER.

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Other editions – View all Aspectj In Action: AOP-based policy enforcement overview Fine-tuning the solution Policy origins and destinations. Costs and benefits of AOP 1. Transaction-management aspect almost from scratch. Implementing fault tolerance for transactional operations A test problem Book Description To allow the creation of truly modular software, OOP has evolved into aspfctj programming.

A quick introduction to dynamic proxies 9. Setting up the example. What are the best practices and traps? Modifying structure with static crosscutting 5.


Weaving into jar files. AspectJ support in depth 9. Implementing the first business rule. The worker object pattern template AspectJ in the testing phase. Lucene in Action, Second Edition. A quick overview of Spring Security. Improving domain logic Don’t refresh or navigate away from the page. The do-it-yourself approach Features not implemented in AspectJ. Implementing authentication aspects View table of contents.

AspectJ in Action [Book]

Book ratings by Goodreads. Static crosscutting constructs 2.

Utilizing Spring AOP for tracing AOP in the maintenance phase Employing AspectJ in development phases A summary of the exception introduction pattern. AspectJ in the maintenance phase. Ramnivss Ant with AspectJ. Mapping weave-time declarations 7. Authentication and authorization Introducing members to multiple types. Accessing the aspect instance 7.

Diving into the AspectJ syntax 7. Java Reflection in Action. The web layer A. Integration with Spring 9.

AspectJ in Action

Why use AspectJ for logging? Common logging idioms 5. Setting up the example 2.