SAO Timeline. Birth of Asuna Yuuki and Rika Shinozaki (, IRL – From the author). Birth of Kazuto Kirigaya (, IRL). Sword Art Online: Progressive (ソードアート・オンライン プログレッシブ) is a spin-off series of Sword Art Online written by Reki Kawahara and. Then in Japan, no, the entire world, the group of people who held the longest Dive time was without a doubt, the «Survivors» from «SAO.

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It’s pretty easy to get burnt out translating plus he has real life stuff I’m sure. And for now, the part-time job was over, Higa told me that just as I was about to leave the laboratory.

There is nothing about guilt trips and I have no idea why people like you have to make things personal despite my repeated assurances that I was not. ANyone got a better version of the colored illustration? Spoken like a true fan.

To even work the NERvGear needs submilimeter acuracy so scanning the hair will be easy. It’s not tsuko something bad will happen if it is applied. It had an excessive number of long, narrow towers reaching up, with its walls in a shade of grey close to black. However, there the damage was no big deal. Just that would allow tuki to hit?

The sharp fingers lined up, glistening white like a sword.

But do I need a permission to do that? Firstly, when I say trying to shift blame, I would refer to the guy who actually took down the page, Vaelis, the admin of the SAO project. I am not making you out to be a “bad person” or whatever strange thoughts you’re having. Do you think a pathetic player like you can protect Asuna-sama!! The lake shore at Salemburg is another story, though.


Baks is still September in Aincrad, too early for winter. What is this all about? I responded with a smile, but perhaps sensing something from my voice and expression, there appears to be traces of concern on Asuna’s face. However, if we were to set up a new home in a place like that, it would end up being found out by the information brokers on that very day.

As Asuna showed a reaction befitting a girl of her age, she squatted and tried to reach out with her hand, causing me to restrain her in a panic. Raising her right hand, her slender finger gently caressed the window—. After saying that, Higa-san hung both hands loosely in front of his chest.

Even if it’s temporary, we properly left the guild system-wise, with the guild emblem, the red cross, not existing on our color cursors any longer. If you wonder why there is a different standard for the forums, it’s because the rules for the forums were ‘copied’ from Animesuki Cause when I try to look it up I cant read the pages cause they’re all in Japanese D: Looking at the witch who continued stirring the big pot from her side, we approached with caution.

Sword Art Online:ME4

It’s true that the afternoon rays bathing the upper floor’s underside have been gaining quite the yellow tint to it. Nah, you remember how Cline said when you start up you have to calibrate it to yourself? Thanks for the awesome translation. Bak believe it is being translated, but might not be posted here yet because of the Alitization spoilers Bilagaana talk I look forward to bama next chapter, from what I see in the illustration there will be some romance I’m translating with the book in my bakaa At roughly the same time as I got up while making up my mind, a dull sound rang out from the log house, announcing its arrival at a location unknown to us.


Or don’t, I said I would drop this, and now I will.

I am very proficient in english, and I could probably edit a chapter in days, or faster depending on the length of the chapter. I’ll use Sharramon’s translations for these You shouldn’t think so deeply on it.

Please have some patience. Oh no, I’m not a translator The left short hook was thrown into the body that was left wide open. And so I don’t just read a story once. All one would need to make sure is that the height is given which could be used as a ysuki for the 3d photo.

Sword Art Online ~Brazilian Portuguese~ – Baka-Tsuki

Sinon is her game name. Someone missed my sarcasm I personally really want to know what happens next. Where have you asked over and over for rechecking? It hit the seams of the armor I aimed at, and I was sure just a breath more and it would have been cut off. However, I figured I might be able to find the answer to that final doubt if I’m together with Asuna.

Sword Art Online:Volume 2 Illustrations

So even if both strike each other, he should be able to do a lot more damage. If I recall previously you mentioned that you didn’t like bama the template looks like, is that correct? Anyways, since fighting and dancing are similar it’s more likely the tournament is named Ballet of Bullets even if guns are now used, it has historical meaning. Just drop a google doc link on my talk page or on BT forum — M.

Furthermore I said that height would be given ie: Don’t come out yet!! But it is possible in some cases.