Potana’s best work Sri Telugu Bhagavatam consist of poems in Telugu. also it contains all word to word meanings (Pratipadhardhamlu) for all the poems. Potana ( – ) translated Bhagavata Purana from Sanskrit into Telugu. That book has been digitized by. POTHANA TELUGU BHAGAVATHAM. A comprehensive Volumetric Analysys. INTRODUCTION. Welcome. Hearty welcome to taste the sweet Bhagavatha.

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Aranya Parvamu 81 parts. I hope that the data made available:.

Telugu TTD Potana Bhagavatam Books Free Download PDF

I enjoy reading this quite often. The [1] in 5 volumes, is excellent to read and understand in simple language, available at a subsidised price. It is known that Pothana was patronized by this king in his early career, Pothana dedicated his first great work to this king, the king himself was a scholar, his contemporary reputation was immense vide Srinatha’s poems.

Meenakshi Pancharatnamulu 5 parts. He was very skillful in using alankaras figures of speech like similes optana metaphors. Shiva Mahima 1 part. Bxmmera content is trustworthy, reliable, child safe, and is meant for self realization through the path of god in Hindu religion. Pothana retold Vyasa Bhagavatham in Andhra Bhasha in 12Skamdhas using more than 8 Lakh syllables fitted so naturally in 30 types of linguistic styles called Padya Gadyalu.

He cannot be considered as Telugu person.

Guru Charitra 21 parts. For ready reference and convenience word by word meanings Teeka Tippani also provided. Later, Pothana became a devotee of Lord Rama and more interested in salvation. A poem of Pothana unwilling to dedicate his works to local kings was inscribed on the pedastal of god Rama’s statue in the Kodanda Rama temple.


He was known to be very polite and was an agriculturist by occupation. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Parvathi Kalyanam 12 parts. The daughter replied — “You yourself came in the afternoon and wrote some thing! Views Read Edit View history. Ayyappa Swamy Vaibhavam 1 part. Potana Bhagavatamone of the excellent grandhas books rewritten in Telugu languagehas been a good source of knowledge for a long time.

Adi Parvamu 51 parts. Ayyappa Deeksha 4 parts. A pravachanam added bhhagavatam the collection Ashtamurthy Tatvamu.

పోతన తెలుగు భాగవతము

The Bhagavatham contains not only moral, social value added Bhakthi stories, but also very beautiful Sringaraadhi navarasaspuritha articles with very beautiful linguistic prayogas like Alankaras, Sandhulu, Samasalu, in a very simple soft style called panchadara bhagavattam sugar juice.

One early morning during a lunar eclipse, on the banks of river Godavari, Pothana was meditating on Lord Shiva. Ganapati Vaibhavam 1 part. He was considered to be a natural Poet Sahaja Kavineeding no teacher. This type of preparing a comprehensive and consolidated data in an Indian languagespecifically in Teluguis unique, innovative and without any precedence as far as I was able to verify with the research papers published on Telugu research papers “Research in Telugu Language vammera Literature During the Period — Telugu people Telugu poets Hindu poets Telugu writers 16th-century Indian poets People from Warangal district Poets from Andhra Pradesh births deaths Indian male poets 15th-century Indian poets.

The story goes that Pothana wrote the first line of the verse, but could not continue because he did not know how bbammera looks! As a young man, he helugu a devotee of Lord Shiva. Sri Venkateswara Vaibhavam 16 parts. He indicated at one stanza that he belonged to ‘Ekasila Nagaram’, meaning single stone city which is located in Kadapa YSR district, and that place is considered to be the ‘Ontimitta’ or ‘Vontimitta’ village which semantically means bhagacatam same thing and where a great temple dedicated to Kodanda Rama Swamy is located.


The king himself bhwgavatam a scholar and wrote many works including Rudranavasudhakara, a well known Sanskrit drama. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This was his first poetic venture which had the seeds of his great poetic talents. Pohthana statue at Bammera village. Sri Mata Vaibhavam 6 parts. The Volumetric Analysis entirely depends on the text of above Poems.

Introduction : ముందుమాట : ప్రవేశిక : పోతన తెలుగు భాగవతము

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Pothana. Lalitha Sahasra Namam parts.

The contents of this site can broadly be classified. At that auspicious moment, Supreme Lord Rama appeared dressed like a king and requested Pothana to translate Bhagavatam into Teluug Andhramu and dedicate it to Him. I wanted to research on Bhagavatam to seggregate and enumerate all possible items in the grandham. Hence, it is searchable, sortable and can utilize the facilities like filter, pivot table etc.

Pothana Bhagavatam 5 parts.

TTD Potana Bhagavatam Books Free Download PDF Telugu | Tirumala Tirupati Devastanams

Ashtamurthy Tatvamu 7 parts. Sri Kalahastiswara Satakam 7 parts. Aditya Hrudayam 2 parts.

Devi Bhagavatham 16 parts.