This item is a Sony Blu-Ray Home Cinema system, Model No: BDV-NWL. The item is in excellent working condition and has been used in. compare latest prices, see user reviews, and see BDV-NW specs although its good practice to check on the measurements manually. Sony | BDV-NW | Operating instructions | Sony BDV-NWL home cinema system . You should also review (i) the instruction manual and/or the caution.

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Copyrights And Trademarks In this case, the transmission may be improved by changing the following [RF Channel] setting. For any service or guarantee matters, please refer to the addresses provided in the separate service or guarantee documents.

Since this interference may result in malfunction, always turn off the power on this main unit and Bluetooth device in the following locations: This system is capable of holding a still video image or on-screen display image on your TV screen indefinitely. If the wireless router you want is still not detected, select [Add a new address.

If you continuously use this system at a large volume, the cabinet temperature of the top, side and bottom rises considerably. Sets whether or not to allow automatic access from a newly detected DLNA controller.

You agree that Gracenote, Inc. The surround amplifier is in standby mode while the system is in standby mode or wireless transmission is deactivated. Narration Off] is selected, [Football: This function can help ,anual interference if you use multiple wireless products or your neighbors use wireless products.

Sony’s remotes are ergonomic and instinctive to use, and the entire system is responsive and easy to live with.

Sony BDV-NWL manual

Note Do not remove the USB device during operation. The time can be preset in intervals of 10 minutes. Tip You can set [FM Mode] for each preset station separately.


You can prevent distortion by attenuating the input level on the main unit. A disc does not start amnual from the beginning. Scenes may be blocked or replaced with different scenes.

What Hi-Fi?

You can enjoy a more immersive feeling of being in a football stadium by minimizing the volume level of narration in addition to the enhancement of cheers.

Each time you press the button, the setting changes cyclically as follows.

Changes the slideshow speed. The top panel display and softtouch buttons indicator are turned off and the brightness of LED indicator is reduced automatically if you do not operate the system for about 10 seconds. Network connection The system cannot connect to the network.

,anual Once everything is in place, you simply run the auto calibration with the included microphone. Left x No Security Although you can easily make settings, anyone can intercept wireless communication or intrude into your wireless network, even without any sophisticated tools. Table Of Contents Select a language English Spanish. The built-in wi-fi and wired ethernet connectivity means video and music streaming is possible thanks to the comprehensive Sony Entertainment Network service. Do not use any type of abrasive pad, scouring powder or solvent such as alcohol or benzine.

Sony BDV-N7100WL Manuals

Language Code List We propped the centre speaker in front of the TV like a soundbar, although you might want to use a stand for that as well to reduce vibrations. However, even when a device complies with the Bluetooth specification, there may be cases where the characteristics or specifications of the Bluetooth device bddv-n7100wl it impossible to connect, or may result in different control methods, display or operation. This means you can keep that main unit tucked away at back of the room to reduce the mess.


For Stunning clarity Precise timing and subtle detail Well-integrated speakers Effective and open surround sound Bright and natural picture quality Plenty of streaming features Stylish design.

The display information differs depending on the website and page status. To download, the system must be connected to the network. Select this when connecting to a TV with a wide-mode function. If you touch any button when the indicators are off, the indicators light up for a few seconds.

The system returns to the previous display. The Wi-Fi signal drops out or keeps losing connection. Note During Blu-ray 3D Disc playback, slowmotion reverse play and single-frame reverse play are not available.

Adjust the antenna aerial or connect an external antenna aerial if necessary. Listen to music or stream audio from your Xperia with One- touch.

Sony BDV-NWL Manuals

Move the main unit away from such devices, or turn off such devices. A newer version of your browser may be available. Playable Types Of Files Playback By holding an NFC-compatible smartphone near to the on the main unit, the main unit and smartphone proceed to complete pairing and the Bluetooth connection automatically.

The sound of both the left and right channels output from each individual speaker. Left x [Gracenote Settings] [Auto]: Proceed to the next Step within a few minutes. To request additional information about Cinavia by mail, send a postcard with your mailing address to: We wish it had the simpler tile arrangement found in its new range of TVs. Our Verdict Best cinema system, Awards Therefore, some of the functions may not be performed.