Sustaining Growth Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Letter to Shareholders Board of Directors Management Committee Corporate Functional Structure Corporate. Financial Statements for the financial year ended 31st March .. In view of these factors, the future for the Indian Textile Industry. I have great pleasure in presenting the Eighteenth Annual Report and. Audited The year was a year of global recovery from financial crisis. The.

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Zanwar has been appointed as Part- time Non-official Director w.

Ratios are subject to arithmetical accuracy of the financial statements. CCTV”s are being installed and standard operating procedures SOP are being prepared to deal with any security threat. More than non Hindi speaking employees were imparted training under Hindi teaching scheme of Govt.

Inter-firm and Inra-firm comparison is both possible on the basis of accounting ratio 3. The Board of Directors place on record their deep appreciation of the valuable services rendered as well znnual advice and guidance provided by Shri K. Interactive sessions were held with line executives representing different functional areas, in order to create vigilance awareness and to enhance their knowledge of the Company’s rules, procedures and policies.

Review of repoort is done internally also from time to time.

Directors Report of Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. Company

An enlightened employee not only can contribute in achieving the organizational goal but also in system improvements. Further there is considerable delay in implementing the new system because of more formalities to change the existing system. The company has been successful in meeting the demanding requirements of international markets in terms of complexity of work as well as technology, quality and other requirements viz.

Notice for Publication as on They are based only on the quantitative information. Orders Received Orders worth Rs. Enter the code above here: The Company has proven expertise in Plant Performance improvement through Renovation, Modernization and Uprating of variety of power plant equipment, besides specialized know-how of residual life assessment, health diagnostics and life extension of plants.


Whereas, the security of the most of the Plants of the Company which are categorized in ‘A’ category is being managed by the CISF, in some plants, the Company has its own Security.

Its range covers turbines of Francis, Pelton and Kaplan type, pump turbines, bulb turbines and mini-micro hydro plants, with matching generators, for different head-discharge combinations. Hence, qualitative information puts limit on the ratios 4. Based on these feedbacks, various system improvements have been initiated by the management.

Krishnan and Vijay Shankar Madan repory hold their directorships upto the 48th Annual General Meeting of the Company and are eligible for appointment as Directors at the Meeting. The Board also gratefully acknowledges annuzl support and guidance received from various ministries of the Govt. Ravi Kumar was appointed as Director Power w. There can be forecasting to evaluate the overall performance of the Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited in future. Company also installed more than Turbo ventilators across its units to encourage energy conservation.

To make efficient use teport high ash content coal available in India. Ratio analysis is a technique of analysis and interpretation of financial statements. Some of these successfully implemented measures include: The ratio indicates that extent to which the investments in Fixed repirt contributes towards sales. Net worth of the company has gone rfport from Rs Crore to Rs Crore registering an increase of The Management, security staff and the employees of company are sensitised to the security needs of company.

The Management, security staff and the employees of Company are sensitized to the security needs of Company. CDM is a planned activity for each unit and carbon credit forms part of budgeted activity. It is determined by dividing quick assets by quick liabilities.

Reva Nayyar during their tenure. It gives more protection and safety to the staff working in it besides more concentration to the welfare of the workers.


Haridwar unit was awarded third prize by the Town Official Language Implementation Committee for active contribution in Official Langauge implementation. BHEL has also diversified into the area of track maintenance machines and coach building for Indian railways and undertakes retrofitting and overhauling of rolling stock. Directors” Responsibility Statement Pursuant to Section 5 of the Companies Act,it is hereby confirmed that: The interactive sessions helped BHEL officials to appreciate the role of Vigilance in promoting a strong, viable and competitive organization.

BHEL-built power generating sets account for nearly two-third of the overall Installed capacity and around three- fourth of the power generated in India.

Directors Report of Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.

Audited Financial Results Q4 Download. Acknowledgements The Board places on record its annal appreciation towards the Company”s valued customers in India and abroad for the support and confidence reposed by them in the management of the company and look forward to the continuance of this mutually supportive relationship in future. The limitation of the ratio may force the management to have detailed investigation of the situation under question.

Effect over the liquidity of the concern. Researcher analysis some table in statistical approaches of trend line. In the year it was reduced to 2.

Harinder Hira shall hold their directorships upto the 50th Annual General Meeting of the company and are eligible for appointment as Directors at the Meeting. With a view to create awareness about procurement policy, rules and procedures etc. BHEL has over the year established its reference in to countries across the world.