Twenty-six bivoltine silkworm (Bombyx mori L.) genotypes were tested along with two check varieties (NB 4 D 2 and SH 6) for their performance. PDF | On Feb 27, , Zafar Iqbal Buhroo and others published Rearing Performance of Some Popular Bivoltine Silkworm (Bombyx mori L.). multiplication of silkworm breeds st P4lP3lPZ leaels and maintenance of . The bivoltine silkworms produce cocoons with high raw silk recovery and bivoltine.

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Yes, the material and structure of cocooning frames significantly affect the quality of cocoon and fiber. Labour dependency is reduced. On the day of brushing, at 6AM, inner slikworm frame and black sheet I cloth are removed and eggs are exposed to bright light. The bed is spread as per the required area.

After hours, the worms along with the upper net is lifted from the incubation frame and brushed in a chawki tray. The domesticated silkworm derives from Chinese rather than Japanese or Korean stock.

View at Biboltine Scholar V. Fundamental findings on vivoltinehormonesbrain structures, and physiology have been made with the silkworm. What are the reasons for non-uniform settling moult and what care should be taken to avoid such situation? The results of current study revealed that the cocoon yield and economic traits viz. Generationwise mean performance for reeling of HH10 is presented in Table 5.


The larval growth of silkworm is influenced by the nutritional silkdorm of different cultivars of mulberry which ultimately reflect the economic traits namely larval weight, cocoon and shell weight, effective rate of rearing etc. Similarly, Kovolov [ 27 ] is of the opinion that improvement of silkworm races is possible by outbreeding with exotic races and improvement of cocoon quality by repeated backcrossing [ 28 ].


To rear dfls of CSR hybrids what should be the size of the shoot rearing rack? A total 40 sets each set consists of 10 card boards rotary mountages are required to mount dfls 50, larvae matured larvae.

Keeping this in view, breeding experiments were initiated at Central Sericultural Research and Training Institute, Mysore to evolve hardy bivoltine silkworm races suited bivoltien tropical conditions for achieving the primary objective of establishing bivoltine hybrids as a concept among sericulturists. What are the different methods of mounting and which one is most suitable?

Psyche: A Journal of Entomology

Inbreeding of hybrids to stabilize silkworm breeds which bred true is well documented [ 1216 — 26 ]. Tobacco has adverse effect on silkworm rearing, only during flowering season of tobacco. Free circulation of air inside the rearing house 5. The farmers who do not have comb can keep the mountage upright vertically.

What are the precautions to be taken after harvesting the cocoons? Quantity of cocoon and silk produced are directly related to the pupation rate and larval weight. The single cocoon weight g was recorded as an average of 10 female and 10 male cocoons at random by using the following formula:.

For raising the temperature inside the rearing house better use electrical heater or charcoal stove After removing smoke. How to remove floss from rotary card board? Minimum handling of silkworm larvae.

Separate facility for leaf storage and mounting. Lime dusting avoids feeding of un dried mulberry leaf by moulted larvae. Planting shade trees surrounding rearing house.


After 2nd instar, mulberry leaves of S 1S 13SS and TR 10 varieties were fed individually to larvae at four times in a day 6: How the quality of cocoons are different in rotary mountages compared to chandrike? These worms can be weighed once and note the volume. What are the reasons for melting cocoons in hilly areas and how to improve the reliability? The mean larval widths of larvae which fed different mulberry varieties during different seasons bifoltine given in Table 2.

Before proper bed drying, if shootlets are fed it leads to unequal larvae. Domestic silkmoths are very different from most members in the bivoltime Bombyx ; not only have they lost the ability to fly, but their color pigments are also lost.

Selection of mulberry varieties Morus sp. Meaning and Types Sericulture”.

The silkwoem are laid by female moths and hatch within nine to 12 days, so the resulting type can have up to eight separate life cycles throughout the year. Kishor Kumar, and S. Embryo is not formed completely and affects its growth. It is always advisable to mount the matured worms only.

The rockfeller Foundation Managementpp. After harvesting the cocoons from rotary mountages, floss should be cleaned from the card board.