Maurice Blanchot was a French writer, philosopher, and literary theorist. His work had a strong . Thomas l’Obscur, (Thomas the Obscure); Aminadab, ; L’Arrêt de mort, (Death Sentence); Le Très-Haut, (The Most High). Nevertheless, how can one in good conscious reduce a text by Blanchot to a How can one put forth an interpretation of Thomas the Obscure that avoids. Thomas the Obscure. Maurice Blanchot and Robert Lamberton (Translator). Before Sartre, before Beckett, before Robbe-Grillet, Maurice Blanchot created the .

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Blanchot’s other use of the phrase ‘the impossibility of death’ stresses the fact that humans ultimately do not know what lies on the other side of death.

Maurice Blanchot – Wikipedia

His castrated gaze refuses to see beyond the Lacanian mirror phase as he obsessively yearns for unity. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Lacan uses the word jouissance to exemplify a surplus of desire for the subject that is moved by an insatiable, unstoppable, desire that culminates in an ecstatic portrait. Blanchot hopes to suggest by way of this concept that it has become impossible to assemble a work that adheres to a 19th century understanding of the ‘Book.

His thought becomes detached from the imaginary image of the self as Thomas sees his body as something other. He took forever to basically say what is contained in a Chinese proverb: The corridor is a place without a place that offers Thomas a space without a home through which he passes.

His suffering consumes his thought like fire. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. He yearns for the absent thing that has been replaced by the sign as he sees identity devoid of authenticity. Its significance lies in its stark depiction of consciousness pushed to the extreme limits of experience. He has difficulty grasping full possession of the object. He kills her image as he sees her dead body as nothing but an empty shell of absence.


Violent imagery shows the sea to sadistically toss his being in and for-the- self back and forth like a passive rag doll. Against his lips, in his mouth, it was forcing its way toward a monstrous union. He confronts the affliction of extreme suffering that arises from absolute loss.

Station Hill Press- Fiction – pages. It was his sole public appearance after the war.


Pascale- Anne Brault and Michael Naas. Finally, the contemporary experience of irony in the face of radical alterity as depicted in works by Julian Barnes, J. He is looked at by the image as he is chosen from the anterior surface.

However this repressed desire may resurface. I could not grasp it. This paradoxical work discovers being in the absence of being, mystery in the absence of mystery, both to be searched for limitlessly.

The absence of the thing is made good by the presence of the idea. Critchley, Simon and Schroeder, William, R. Hacket Publishing Company, Inc. Thomas is presented with an absurd and almost comical other self that parodies his split gaze. It is the closeness to the swimmer that gets me.

It is when he’s on the shore and a swimmer is escaping it’s edges that he feels closest. The speed of light will never catch up to the speed of sound and they will never hear you, Thomas. This receptacle is not a thing in any concrete sense neither is Dasein but something, nevertheless, which isand is independent of its contents – a psyche, a life-force, or if one prefers, a soul.

This influence is particularly evident when Blanchot, as if speaking about his own work, states: This head, my head, no longer even sees me, because I am annihilated. He can simultaneously experience and reflect upon that experience.


The neuter separates his being from all other objects as it manifests itself as a third party hidden amidst invisible spaces. This experience brings him into tenuous contact with obscure Thomas, his ideal and invisible self or soul, who remains largely hidden or occluded.

His confrontation with the sea image is the first image to bring doubt and insecurity to blanchhot thought.

His act of disavowal with the signification of the symbolic order will be analysed as he faces repression of various ruling agencies from the anterior.

The Thought from Outside, trans. I couldn’t possible summarize the text. The removal of her physical presence seen in the remains of the symbol equates with total signification as she is unified with the universal one. The cat confronts the beyond as it faces the absolute in Oneness. His body does not participate thomae the drama as it is alienated from his thought that receives information after the lived experience.

In his quest for self-unity with the lost thing the mother his thought traverses along a series of symbols.

Thomas the Obscure by Maurice Blanchot

The John Hopkins University Blancho, His desire that is forced to wait passively torments his being for the self that wishes to drive forward. Mummified sun that remembers its shadows. Blindness is a sign of symbolic castration.