Beschluss der Geschäftsführung der voestalpine Böhler Welding Germany. Discover the most comprehensive portfolio of cored wires in the world. Benefit from the broad range of TIG rods with the latest industry specifications.

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The Future of Productivity: This data protection policy will be revised from time to time. Pickling Gel Factsheet. Product and technical consultation, process optimization, education and training. Amperage direct current polarity negative [A] Diameter of rod mm Pure-tungsten electrode 1. Brazing Solutions for Car Body Production.

Qualification of welding procedures for steel constructions according to EN Brochure. Cadmium free, intermediate temperature brazing alloy A Product brochure. In shielded metal arc welding SMAW or manual metal arc welding MMA using coated stick electrodes, the coating forms a protective gas shield and we,ding slag, thereby protecting the transferred metal droplets and the weld metal against contact with atmospheric oxygen.

Your data will be stored on your computer as a cookie so you won’t have to re-enter them again. More than 2, products for joint welding in all conventional arc welding processes are united in a product portfolio that is unique throughout the world. Basic-coated electrodes have a coarse droplet material transfer, can be used to weld in all positions and have bohleer coarsely rippled seams. With our international network of 43 sales companies and 12 production units around the globe, we are in close proximity to our customers and can offer our support for daily operational welding challenges.

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At the same time, the liquid weld pool and the molten tip of the rod are also shielded from the ambient air. Rods approximately 1 m in length are used as filler metals for manual welding and wires coiled onto rolls are used for mechanised GTAW. Application Services Your added value. Win with the Best.


Welding filler metals for aluminium Product brochure. They are therefore mainly used for vertical-down welding on large pipes. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies.

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Google Analytics uses cookies, which are text files stored on your computer to be able to analyze your use of the website. It protects the highly heated tungsten electrode cnsumables oxidation by atmospheric oxygen, cools it down and enables the formation of a stable arc.

Seamless rutile and basic wires offer high impact toughness at low temperature and the lowest possible hydrogen levels in the pure weld metal. Our experienced welding engineers go, if necessary, into the deepest details of welding technology and are only satisfied once the optimum and most economical solution is found for the customer.

Accessories Safety Equipment for welders More information.

The slag can be relatively easily removed, but not as easily as with rutile-coated electrodes. Finally, you are entitled to file a complaint with a supervisory authority. Facebook This website uses social plug-ins from the social network facebook. On behalf of the website operator, Google will use this information to evaluate your website use and compile reports on website activity and to provide the website operator other services related to website use and Internet use.

Facebook receives the information that you and your IP address visited our website. You have to explicitly activate them to use them. These advanced products perform at high levels of welding productivity and are extremely hydrogen safe, while the innovative fabrication technology and product concept enable superb characteristics for high duty cycle welding in mechanized and robotic applications.


Personal data is any information relating to the data subject natural personwho can be identified, directly or indirectly e.

These functions are offered by Twitter Inc. Welding in Toolmaking Industry Industry brochure. Ammonia and Urea Production.

Democratic Republic of the Congo. Solutions for Applications in the Cement Industry.

By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies. Cladding Filler Metals against Corrosion Product brochure. Contact When you contact us by e-mail, phone, or fax, we will process the personal data you submit e-mail, name, phone number, fax number, your inquiry, associated documents for the purpose of handling your inquiry.

Diamondspark Premium Seamless Cored Wires read more. These processors are contractually bound to comply with the applicable data protection regulations. We only use Google Analytics with activated IP address anonymization. Ammonia and Urea Production. This data protection policy explains the nature, scope, and purpose of us collecting and using your personal data when you visit and use our website www. Rutile-coated electrodes have sufficient toughness properties, but are only suitable for out-of-position welding to a limited extent high-alloy.

Maruti Weld Private Limited. Welding Solutions for the Mining Industry. This allows the website to be optimally adapted to your interests.