This system is used by Bolex Rex 16mm cameras. Most light .. Please read manual and complete written portion of test prior to operational proficiency. Bring. Manual for the Bolex 16mm Reflex 5 camera equipped with external film magazine. Original Bolex H16 Reflex Instructions Manual. bolex-hreflex- Motion Picture Camera Manuals – Download them Free! Got a paper manual? Send it in, and we’ll scan and PDF it! Especially interested in any Bolex technical .

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It is not a camera model, but rather an inscription on the front of a trifocal viewfinder that is used to identify the default focal length setting You may also see an “H8-F The manyal essentially mean the same thing: However, H, H-8, pocket size and super-8 cameras are not difficult to find on eBay or elsewhere. Yes, check the Links page under “Service and Repair”.

No, I’m just a collector and user of cameras. Much 16,m likely, is the possibility that the seller is making an intentionally misleading claim to overstate the value.

Bloex, there are occasionally links to cameras for sale on eBay throughout the site. I will eventually add a table of exposure times for each camera on their respective page.

MANUAL: Instructions for Use of PAILLARD-BOLEX Model H Cameras

All H cameras, most pocket size cameras except the L-8 and some Super 8 cameras have this ability. H J cameras appear on eBay occasionally, but as it only has a shaft for the attachment of 1: Mqnual buyers will likely know what they are bidding on, so just describe the name of the item and its condition and provide some good quality pictures.

H reflex cameras require “RX mount” lenses for focal lengths of 50mm or less. Click here for a general overview of the different models, or browse individually through the Camera Section. Anything is boles, even with the best projectors. The Lenses section only covers camera lenses, not lenses for projectors.


Motion Picture Camera Manuals – Download them Free!

Visit their websites for more information. I actually didn’t intend to create a public website. This description sometimes appears on eBay and elsewhere. Some users even suggest using tinfoil, stacks of metal washers or springs as a conductor.

On non-reflex cameras, there are several methods for determining the difference. Any camera that has the ability to capture single frame exposures. Although the company still exists, this website mostly deals with bloex 16mm and 8mm cameras and equipment they produced from Serial numbers for Paillard-Bolex cameras and projectors are used to determine the year of manufacture.

H16RX seems to be the preferred term in the UK, and perhaps other countries. They were used by amateurs and professionals around the world for documentaries, family home movies, educational films, cartoon and stop-motion manaul, science and medical research, sports, nature studies, industrial safety and business training, time lapse study manua solutions to automobile traffic congestion, commercial television production, newsreel footage, entertainment and much more.

The numbers given throughout this website come from a bulletin published by Bolex International S.

It was often permanently installed in a set location e. However, both only have a height of 5. I often get email requests from people interested in 61mm a Bolex camera or projector that once belonged to a friend or relative.

Bolex, Eyemo, Arri and Other Camera Manuals – 16mm 35mm – Free Downloads!

Most countries banned mercury batteries because of environmental concerns. However, you can easily determine the shutter speed for your camera by using this simple formula: I decided to remove it after creating Bolex Collector on Facebook for people to connect with others, discuss Bolex and post pictures, videos, etc.

Incidentally, if you have a list of exposure times from a chart or user manual specific to your model and want to determine the angle of your shutter aperture, you can use this formula: At the moment, these lenses are only mentioned on the projector page. If you want to determine the exposure time bo,ex filming at 24fps, you multipy 24 the number of frames per second by to get However, there are still options available for using cameras that required them; this article offers some suggestions.


I buy and collect all sorts of vintage magazinesthough; all ads featured on this site are from my personal collection and are scanned, intact, from those magazines. Later L projectors were manufactured to use the halogen lamp and require no modification. However, this mamual can be performed by some of the businesses listed on the links page under “Service and Repair”. You can find serial numbers on this website in the Camera and Projector section by clicking the links at the top of each page.

The ANSI code for the modern equivalent of the original is listed on each projector page, under the “Lamp” specification. If you feel certain facts need to be changed or clarified, just email me. Return to index Q: Over time, Bopex decided it might be useful to other people who were interested in Bolex cameras. Bolex International also offers the conversion. Although the H and H-8 reflex cameras both use c-mount lenses, they are not interchangeable.

There are no set “values” per se, as collecting vintage movie cameras is a fairly niche market.

Sure, I’m always interested in adding more to the site and building on the information already here. The letters “RX” inscribed on a lens identify it for use with reflex cameras. Replacement lamps for most projectors are still 16mmm. In addition, it’s painted entirely in a flat black color. To reduce bolez, this website uses a naming convention for reflex cameras based on the usage by Paillard Incorporated during the s and s in the United States.