Installation manual. 1. The kit includes the following parts: 1. Remove the upper part of remote controller (Refer to figure 1). Insert a minus screwdriver into the. this operation manual before using the air conditioner. It will tell See also the operation manual included with the indoor unit for details on the. You can read the recommendations in the user guide, the technical guide or the installation guide for DAIKIN BRC1D You’ll find the answers to all your.

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Refer to the chapter “Field settings”. First bdc1d52 fitting from the clips at the bottom. Setting is carried out in the group mode, however, if the mode number inside the parentheses is selected, indoor units can also be set individually.

Refer to figure 8.

Manual BRC1D52 Daikin

During this time the remote controller can not be operated. Do not directly touch the PC board with your hand. ,anual the upper part of remote controller Refer to figure 1 Insert a minus screwdriver into the slots 1 in the majual part of the remote controller 2 placesand remove the upper part of the remote controller. Reattach the upper part of the remote controller Be careful not to pinch the wiring when attaching.


Wire the indoor unit 1 Refer to figure 6 NOTE indoor unit 2 lower part of the remote controller 3 upper part of the remote controller 4 wired from the rear 5 wired from the top 6 notch the part for mankal wiring to pass through with nippers, etc.

Be careful not to damage the board with the minus screwdriver. Long life filter Approx. Remote controller Wood screws Installation manual Wall plugs Machine screws 1.


Refer to figure 5. The PC board is mounted in the upper part of the remote controller. Permission level function 6. NOTE When wiring, run the wiring away from the power supply wiring in order to avoid receiving electric noise external noise.

Be careful not distort the shape of the lower part of remote controller by overtightening mounting screws. If required, you can limit the user action by restricting the number of operable buttons.

Daikin Manual BRC1D52 Termostato

Set the remote controller before turning the power supply on. The kit includes the following parts: It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Do not make any settings not given in the table.


Connect the terminals on top of the upper part of the remote controller P1, P2and the terminals of the indoor unit P1, P2.

Change setting when ultra-long filter is installed 2 Thermostat sensor in remote controller 3 Spacing time of display time to clean air filter count setting for when the filter sign is not to be displayed 0 15 25 Approx.

IM BRC1D52 |

Not displayed if the indoor unit is not mwnual with that function. Refer to figure 4: Refer to the instruction manual for each optional accessory. This operation is unnecessary when setting by group. The switch box and wiring for connection are not included. P1 and P2 do not have polarity.