On 11 January the British Empire went to war with the independent kingdom of Zululand. The British anticipated a swift and decisive victory, placing great. British Fortifications in Zululand by Ian Knight, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Author: Ian Knight, Illustrator: Adam Hook About this book: On 11 January the British Empire went to war with the independent kingdom of Zululand.

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British Infantryman in South Africa —81 Warrior. The defenders then lined the rampart, which both protected them from musketry and served to break the impetus of the Zulu charge. Three 7-pdr guns were placed at three of the angles.

Nine-pounders tore great chunks out of this body while the infantry opened fire. Yet the Royal Engineers responsible for their design and construction were but implementing what they had learnt as cadets at Woolwich, and in the circumstances they made the sort of fieldworks deemed most suitable fortiications the requirements of the Zululand campaign. At yezane, on the coast, Col. Mpande and Pretorius maintained peaceful relations.

Battle of Ulundi

Write a customer review. In the aftermath of that attack, some 3, Zulu reserves crossed the zinyathi Buffalo River into atal and attacked the border post at Rorke’s Drift, but were repulsed after ten fortificatins of close-quarter fighting. Fortress Book 35 Paperback: Shepstone became administrator of the Transvaal, and in that role saw the border dispute from the other side.

They had arrived by wagon on the 17th, and had camped at the Drift, where Chard was employed repairing and supervising the post on the eve of the column’s general advance.

In a few cases, notably again at Fort Crealock, fortificatilns ravelin an outwork of two faces forming a salient angle outside the ditch of the main work, its open gorge covered by fire from the higher parapet to its rear gave additional flanking fire, as well as providing a laager for horses or cattle. Instead, both the garrison and the relief column retired to positions much closer to the border, to await the remainder of the reinforcements from Britain. After a grim night spent among the freshly dead on the battlefield, he returned to Rorke’s Drift the following zulupand.


The full significance of the foritfications was not revealed until the 28th, when a note from helmsford indicated that cortifications entre olumn had suffered a severe los, and baldly informed Pearson that he might now have to face the full weight of the Zulu army unsupported.

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After several weeks of trying, however, the Thukela garrisons managed to improvise a means of communicating by ln, and on 2 March outposts from the fort noticed flickers of light from the direction of the border camps. This was confirmed the following day when a runner arrived with a sketchy report of a defeat on 22 January.

Below this ledge was a stone wall and a tangle of bush and long gra s which had been partially cleared to make way for an orchard of fruit trees. Bishop Colenso’s concern about the britlsh information that was being provided to the Colonial Secretary in London by Shepstone and the Governor of Natal prompted him to champion the cause of the Zulus against Boer oppression and official encroachments. By the s migrating Boers came into conflict with the Zulu Kingdom, then ruled by Dingane.

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British Fortifications in Zululand – PDF Free Download

As a refinement, the side nearest the river was covered over to provide sleeping quarters for both officers and men. The Battle of Rorke’s Drift. The 90th Light Infantry with four companies fortirications the 94th Regiment made up the left face with two more 7-pounders. As they rode across the Mbilane stream, the entire Zulu inGobamkhosi regiment rose out of the grass in front of them, followed by regiment after regiment rising up all around them.

These were in short supply in Zululand, and Chelmsford intended that they be pressed into service as shelters for a supply depot. Infollowing one invasion scare, a britis of forts had zulhland built along the border, notably Fort Buckingham, on the high e carpment near the Middle Drift on the Thukela River, and Fort Williamson, which commanded the best-established route into Zululand at the Lower Thukela Drift.


Natal fodtifications south-eastern Africa was proclaimed a British colony on 4 May after the British government had annexed the Boer Republic of Natalia. Among the obstacles were the presence of the independent states of the South African Republic and the Kingdom of Zululand and its army. Not so with the British fieldworks the functions of which were purely temporary.

British Fortifications in Zululand – Ian Knight – Google Books

Lt-Col Arthur Harness, R. This was small – only about 30 yards long by less than 10 wide – but it was large enough to shelter two field guns and about men. The walls themselves were usually made of dry stone, and loopholes were built to allow the defenders to fire through. Very commonly used in Zululand, though not as it happened at Fort Eshowe, were abattis. As a result, cattle ‘kraals’ were built away from the main complex, but clo e enough to be guarded by the garrison, and were moved several times during the occupation.

On the evening of 1 April, the column camped on an open rise near the burnt-out ruins of a Zulu royal homestead known as kwaGingindlovu. The Fuhrer’s Headquarters Neil Short. Chelmsford ordered the Royal Kraal of Ulundi to be burnt — the capital of Zululand burned for days.

Laband, John; Knight, Ian The British had believed initially that the Zulu would not be capable of concerted resistance, and Frere’s political vision required them to be quickly subjugated in order to facilitate the imposition of his regional policies. On the right face were the 1st Battalion of the 13th Light Infantryfour companies of the 58th Regimenttwo 7-pounders and two 9-pounders.

The Epic of Isandlwana and the cover-up.