“She’s a powerful writer with an imagination that most of us would kill for. I have read everything she has written and am in awe of her many gifts. And her. When Nalo Hopkinson, Canada’s popular fantasy fiction writer, first learned that her Brown Girl in the Ring, the title of Hopkinson’s first novel (published by. Novel Brown Girl in the Ring, by Nalo Hopkinson. I’ve been telling people about Nalo Hopkinson’s book. It is great.” -OCTAVIA BUTLER “Impressive, energetic.

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But Hopkinson writes the kind of stories that transcend literary boundaries. Downtown Toronto has abandoned by the Canadian government after a series of financial disasters that lead to an economic depression.

I can now see how wonderful the premise was of Hopkinson’s protagonist, a young woman who was a person of colour, who was also a nursing mother, and who was the central figure in this story that wove Caribbean stories, tales and spirits in throughout the tale, and that examined the complicated relationships between different generations of women.

I cannot praise this book enough for its references to Caribbean folklore and myth, as well as things like obeah.

browwn It takes place in dystopian Toronto, but it is just as much about the complicated relationships the women in this family have with each other as it is about organ farms. With Ti-Jeanne’s unnamed infant son “Baby”, they live in the ruins of Riverdale Farm, formerly a civic recreation space made to resemble a working farm. The book doesn’t fit in among the doomsday thrillers I’ve been reading and to even call this “science fiction” would be false advertising on my part.


Open Preview See a Problem?

Brown Girl in the Ring by Nalo Hopkinson

The hero of the book, Ti-Jeanne is realistically written with faults and blindsides. Having recently given birth to a baby boy, Ti-Jeanne is forced to move back in with her grandmother to care for her child as a single mother; the child’s father, Tony, suffers from addiction and is a member of the posse. Hopkinson created a very scarred, scary, abandoned society, but at the same time, she’s made it this diverse place full of colorful characters who are just trying to survive.

Hopkinson makes the significant point that people who are not reflected in the culture in which they live can become bitterly lonely. Well, I am now suitably impressed by Nalo Hopkinson’s early hopkibson.

Trivia About Brown Girl in the He does, of course. Such a fantastic exciting SFF read.

Strange Horizons – Brown Girl in the Ring by Nalo Hopkinson By Dan Hartland

Mani Podcast broqn by: Family ties are important to the story, and also family cruelty. Something unique to this story however is the magical element. Stories with a diversity of character, in this case, black women at the controls, was something I was really looking forward to.

Nalo Hopkinson is a Jamaican-born writer and editor who lives in Canada.

Dec 23, Book Riot Community added it Shelves: Now, in a way that surprises Hopkinson no less than anyone else, she is contributing to those legends herself, and her work has become the benchmark for a new school of fantasy gir. Science fiction is given to bloat and to throwing too many ingredients into the pot, but in this case, the story just didn’t come together for me. I wish I could tell you why. She has created a vivid world of urban decay and startling, dangerous magic, where the human heart is both a physical and metaphorical key.


The worldbuilding and political commentary were subtle and on point. Hopkinson demonstrates vision when it comes to imagining the ruins of Toronto. The magic comes alive for the rest of the novel when Tony seeks help from the spiritualism of Gros-Jeanne.

Ti-Jeanne is a new mother who hasn’t named her baby. Brown Girl in the Ring, by Nalo Hopkinson. It’s revealed that the duppy is Mi-Jeanne Ti-Jeanne’s mom. I would recommend this book for anyone with an interest in seeing a dystopian world where the spirits and gang lords contend and Afro-Caribbean single mothers are the victors. Read more Read less. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

Science fictionhorrorurban fantasymagical realismAfro-futurism. I’m grateful that I was wrong, and I look forward to more of Hopkinson’s wonderfully magic books. Government has fled to the suburbs, leaving the poor, the weak or the willful to fend for themselves, along with criminal elements preying on them.

Yet, the novel valued his life. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Brown Girl in the Ring

Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian. While Tipingee and Mer enjoy passionate sex, Tipingee is still very much in love with her husband. However, the next person feels the same way about their problems.