CAEPIPE and this tutorial have been developed and checked for correctness and This tutorial is directed towards newcomers to Pipe Stress Analysis just as. Tutorial 2. Let us model a slightly more advanced piping system now that you have familiarized yourself with the basic use of CAEPIPE via Tutorial 1. The details. CAEPIPE and CAdvantagE are trademarks of SST Systems, Inc. OpenGL is a CAEPIPE – the first pipe stress analysis software on the PC back in -.

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Then press Enter or click on OK to input the valve. This opens two independent windows: Figure 3E – Thermal Deformation Plot for Layout with Axial Restraints Figures 3F and 3G show the thermal and sustained caepipd contour plots in this case sustained stress is due to only deadweight as pressure is zeroconfirming a code-compliant system for both load cases.

Accessing Functions and Features from the Keyboard Note: In the PowerPoint dialog box, click the Blank Presentation option button.

Press Enter and the cursor moves to the next row 4. Flexible Pipe Stress a Provider using Visual Studio.

In addition to generating thermal stress ranges in the piping system, cyclic thermal loads impose loads on static and rotating equipment nozzles. In the next row 10Tab to the Type caepupe.

Contact Us Business Hours: The plot is color-coded such that “blue” region denotes areas with the least stress ratios where stress ratio equals to actual computed stress divided by allowable thermal stress”green” region caeplpe higher stress ratios, “yellow” region with even higher stress ratios, and “red” region with the highest stress ratios.

Although the thermal stress criterion has been met, the weight stresses exceed the sustained stress allowables, as illustrated by many red and orange areas in the sustained stress contour plot given in Fig 5G.

In the Material dialog shown, enter the FRP material properties as given below. As a minimum, the above said Nozzle Load compliance should be carried out for Operating Load case. The deformed geometry due to the thermal load Fig. Allowable strength divided by the appropriate section property, tutorkal as rutorial modulus or cross. This is because there are no vertical supports excluding the three nozzles and carpipe variable spring hanger at node 52 to carry the weight of the system.


Continuing Education and Development, Inc. When a new document is opened, the user often views the data layer in Data View. Questions about this article, topic, or product? The Surface Area Factor is the factor used to multiply the insulation weight of the pipe per units length to get the insulation weight of the valve per units length. Figure 5B – Thermal Deformation Plot This causes the pipe between nodes and to bend at the tee producing high strains and hence thermal stresses locally at the tee nodeas shown in Fig.

In row 6, Tab to the Ttorial column.

Improving transparency and scientific rigor in Stress Strain Relationships Tensile Testing One basic ingredient in the study of the mechanics of deformable bodies is the resistive properties of materials. If you do not have it and need access to the SAP system, you should contact the. Microsoft Office Word The Start screen makes it easier for you to create documents. Solid shape caepip is not desired in tutoril molding due to following reasons.


Stresses and Strains 1. Studying Results for Sustained Load After finalizing piping layout under Steps 2 and 3 for thermal loading, the next task is to support the system vertically to carry its own deadweight under operating condition. A macro is a series of steps that is grouped together as a single step. The available materials in the library are shown. Objective This tutorial is designed for users who are new More information.

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Composite Materials Mary P. Basics of Word Processing Contact Us Business Hours: Display contextual Help Window.

Serving as the new entry point into th. A macro is a caepjpe of steps that is grouped together as a single step More information. If you have not downloaded the free pipe stress analysis software, visit www. Example 1 – After import, how to fix piping that are not all connected?

After defining the FRP material properties, Section Properties and Loads required for the stress analysis, complete the stress layout. Sage, the Sage logos, and the Tutofial product and service names mentioned herein are registered trademarks or trademarks.

08. AutoPIPE vs Caesar Benchmark

ttutorial Max GR 1 Stress The difference For thermal loads, having no supports gives zero stresses. The details of the model are shown below: Figure 5G – Sustained Stress Contour Plot for Revised Layout This is because there are no vertical supports excluding the three nozzles and a variable spring hanger at node 52 to carry the weight of the system.

Figure 1E – Code-compliant thermal case. Finalizing Vertical Supports to carry Sustained Load In case sustained stresses exceed ‘yellow’ zone in one or more areas of the piping system, study the deformed shape provided by CAEPIPE for sustained load case in order to understand how the piping responds to its own deadweight.

Consider a sheet of paper on which horizontal and vertical lines are tutirial to yield a rectangular grid. The endless variety of shapes and sizes of cold-formed steel members, combined with the complex failure modes More information.

Studying Thermal Stress results for the Initial Layout Review first stress contour plot for thermal stresses.