Carry the One by Carol Anshaw – Hailed as “beautifully observed” (The New York Times) and “a brilliant feat of storytelling” (The Boston Globe), Carol Anshaw’s. Carol Anshaw’s ‘Carry the One’ is a sharp and arresting work about the intersecting lives of three siblings. Such is the experience on opening Carol Anshaw’s moving and engaging new novel, “Carry the One.” Within a chapter it’s clear that Anshaw.

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Carry the One by Carol Anshaw: review

Actually quite structurally perfect and apparent simpleness of the novel is deceptive. Carmen’s brother and sister have both momentarily slipped away from the proceedings. A group of friends is gathered to attend a wedding. Paperbackpages.

Love, loss, addiction, guilt, passion – Anshaw covers it all, and her writing is nothing short of brilliant. My biggest problem with the novel, besides a stilted writing style, was that the evolution of every character had little relation to the car accident that is supposedly central to the theme.

Carry the One is ahshaw an easy read – but it is one that is worth it in the end. It remains in the carll of their lives, as each one of them tries to deal with their grief and guilt and move on. Feb 26, Jenny rated it it was ok.

Women readers will, no doubt, enjoy this book, men readers not so much. I cannot recommend this read. Then I had my lightbulb moment. The story begins with a wedding and this occasion is immediately followed fhe a death The first the occupants of the car truly see her is when her face os pressed against the windshield.

carry the one | carol anshaw

Shamefully this is not the book that was promoted. It is only after they have left that Olivia notices that the only lights on the car where the fog lights.


The driver of the car Oliviaanother passenger Great premise.

I was proud of Olivia; she had the hardest road of all, I think, but the peace she found came at a great price. The Ansnaw Indifference by Sarah Hall: Larry H Jennifer wrote: They are spirited and, to a person, sexy.

The chara A group of drunk people, on their drive home from a wedding, hit and kill a little girl running across the road. The premise of the book is the after-effects on the five people in the car that hits and kills Casey Redman. Carol Anshaw is a magician. This is a novel with an interesting enough plot about a group of young adults together at an This is that book that I sort of liked just enough to keep reading, and then, anshaaw more pages stacked up on the left, found myself more and more engrossed in.

The book varol with the main characters over a 25 year period and what happens in their lives through the shadow of their one night of “fun”.

Also, can someone please explain to me what happened to Olivia? One guest will take the blame, but they will all carry Carry the One has a dramatic beginning: Unfortunately, they hit a young girl walking home and she is killed. After that, it was just a cardy spiral — although he still has flashes of brilliance and you always believe he can pull himself out.

Following this is the fact that these individuals in an alcohol and drug haze get in a car and drive. Finally, it’s enjoyable to read a novel with lesbian characters that is so well written, ansha and poignant.

This review is in reference to an Advance Reader’s Edition of the book. They’re also about the mysteries caery time. Apr 01, Julie Franki rated it really liked it. I won this book through Goodreads, and was excited to receive it. Early on, I had high hopes for this read.


Carry the One by Carol Anshaw

Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles. Review first obe on my blog: There were just a lot of words and impressions and feelings swirling about in my head; though they remain untamed, it is my hope that I can organize them in a way that can fully and sufficiently express what I thought of Carry the One.

The book deals with the heavy issues—loving your parents despite your “childhood from hell,” letting an addict hit rock bottom without trying to save them, fighting not to love someone you know will hurt you repeatedly—but just as deftly deals with the humor, pathos, and delights of everyday life. Carry the One 1 42 Apr 02, Bette This is the worst book I’ve read in a long time.

Nick’s stories are about doing drugs, dating Olivia, and feeling guilty about the car accident the best of the “deepest pain, longings, I wanted ansaw of that. Although I am sure that the characters could have reacted in the way that the author wrote, this book would certainly not build up someone who did accidently hit a child with their car.

People meet and part and die and survive, just as they do in real life. Neither do I take issue with flawed characters, male or female. Wade decision — my only activist action.

Of course if you didn’t enjoy the book, you didn’t enjoy it, but here’s me defending it against accusations of poor storytelling. But it ISN’T imagined. I got caught up in these stories so easily and I was surprised by how invested I felt in their stories.

The sex scenes between the two women were very uncomfortable to read.