Cathedral has ratings and reviews. Kemper said: In the early ’80s a group of Irish terrorists seize St. Patrick’s Cathedral and take hostages d. Cathedral is a novel by American author, Nelson DeMille. The novel involves the seizing of St. Patrick’s Cathedral by members of the Irish Republican . Cathedral by Nelson DeMille – book cover, description, publication history.

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View all 25 comments. Oct 14, J. Cops aren’t gi This story drags and could have been reduced significantly. Book Club Guide Printable Guide. On September 17, St.

Cathedral Summary & Study Guide

We’re going to try to get an indictment for treason – I think we can safely say that the Provisional Irish Republican Army, of which you are a member, has committed treason toward the Crown. The two soldiers pushed her into the hall, down the stairs, and into the street, which was filled with shouting people.

Everyone is celebrating, but everyone is in for the shock of their xathedral. The hostages face death. Get Cathedral from Amazon. Well, we’ll have to see about that, won’t we?


The man who had taken the hood moved to the side and sat in a chair just out of range of her vision. Patrick’s Cathedral, one of the finest land marks of USA will be burnt and the hostages will be killed without further extension of time. An unconscious man, his head bloodied, was dragged past her.

Want to Read saving…. After a few minutes the gates of the truck closed and it pulled away.

An officer with a swagger stick pointed to an open door, and the soldiers pushed her onto the floor of a small room cathecral shut the door as they left. For God’s sake, shut up!

Residents of the block were shouting from windows, and trash-can lids were being beaten to sound the alarm. She should leave Ulster and never return. It’s Flynn you want to hang. Paragraph – Levies war against the Sovereign in her realm…’ I think you fill that bill nicely.

And once Burke warned all the officials that Martin was working against them, why would they bring him back in and listen to his advice?

Cathedral Summary & Study Guide

On the other hand, it served the purpose of prolonged escapism at a point that escapism was needed, and I learned a bit new about Irish politics, St. The nelskn man, Harding, looked down at the table, staring at the scattered remains of the bridge game they’d all passed the morning with.


Ultimately, I think the message of the book was that there are no real winners in these types of idealogical battles of will and politics, only losers. Actually Demolle is not very good at all.

Cathedral by Nelson DeMille

Sheila Malone nodded to two men by the fire. The very worst Nelson De Mille book ever. I’m in Intelligence, of course. This was not properly explained by the author, and leaves the readers in confusion. There are four hostages including high ranking clergy as well as the former girlfriend of the terrorist mastermind.

Terrorists nelsoon Freedom Fighters I guess, depending on your point of view take control of St. Jul 30, Michael Croucher rated it really liked it.

The soldiers picked her up and threw her into the back of a small truck filled with a dozen other prisoners.