Editorial Reviews. Review. The powerful fantasy novel Child of the Prophecy successfully concludes Juliet Marillier’s Sevenwaters Trilogy, which. CHILD OF THE PROPHECY: Book Three of the Sevenwaters Trilogy. Juliet Marillier, Author. Tor $ (p) ISBN Title: Child of the Prophecy Author(s): Juliet Marillier ISBN: / (USA edition) Publisher: Paw Prints Availability.

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Find out more about OverDrive accounts. Raised in the ways of magic, Fainne plans to become a solitary sorcerer like her father, but fate intervenes in the form of her grandmother, Oonagh, a sorceress with a penchant for cruelty and a desire to put an end to everything the Sevenwaters folks stand for. Eamonn saves Fainne from death but dies from the Briton arrow himself.

Join Fianne, daughter of Ciaran and Niamh, making her granddaughter to Sevenwaters’ nemesis, Oonagh as she struggles with the two-sides of her family legacy and discovers the deepest third-level nature of her own true Be-ing and source of her power as keeper of the Needle. Magical elements, while obviously strong given the heroine’s abilities, are well-done, fitting into the setting and retaining a sense of wonder. This is the third book of the series based in ancient Ireland in which each book is told in the first person by a different member of the family.

She studies magic with her father and sometimes her grandma and goes about her business. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required.

In this book I particularly liked the idea that a human sacrifice is needed even when it comes to preserving what is magical and Fae, because it is part of human history as well and we should work just as actively in preserving it, since we are the most active force in tearing it down It is up to Fainne, daughter of Niamh, the lost sister of Sevenwaters, to solve the riddles of power.

While Maeve is slowly recovering, Fainne and the other young girl cousins are invited to visit Eamonn at Glencarnagh, where Eamonn shows great interest in her. I wound up devouring this over a brief weekend in NYC, unable to set it down on the subway, train, or bus. For fear of spoilers, I won’t mention any names, but this character and Fianne shared a large story line, one that was integral both to Fianne’s growth and the plot of the novel. She makes some devastating mistakes, some of which can never be undone, or perhaps even forgiven.


It’s still narrated by a young woman, Fainne, who is a member of the family of Sevenwaters. After an underwhelming second volume, I was nervous about finishing this series well, the original trilogy, anyway.

Child of the Prophecy

Darragh forces his way into the band of warriors by showing his prowess as a swimmer. Surely the third would be good, but how could it be better? Darragh together with his family come to Kerry in the summer leaving in autumn being a traveler and unlike Fainne, he is warm and kind, loving the music and playing the pipes in a wonderful way.

Lady Oonagh is still plotting to destroy Sevenwaters and plans to use Fianne to accomplish her evil plan. All these qualities make her an easy pawn for the Lady Oonagh and the struggles Fianne must face mold her character into one with many, many grays.

The ending scenes were badly written. Yet, the secondary character who stole my heart – and Fianne’s too! The prophecies of long ago have foretold a way to preve Child of the Prophecy is the thrilling conclusion to Juliet Marillier’s award-winning Sevenwaters Trilogy.

Child of the Prophecy (Sevenwaters, book 3) by Juliet Marillier

It cast a magical spell on me, and had a profound effect on my emotions and my heart. Marillier ponders the value and purpose of storytelling in A great conclusion to the Sevenwaters trilogy. Of Marillier’s books in the series this one is the best ‘grabber’ of all. I could NOT stop thinking about it.

Along her way she finds way to defy her grandmother, to stand up to her and to stand up for what is right, and though she returns to being a pawn, time and time again, each time she learns and her experiences steadily give her the confidence she needs in herself to finally overcome evil.

Published June 16th by Tor Books first published August 1st She was raised in solitude by her father after her mother’s early death. Beautiful wonderful story of centuries long past, superstition, Druids, Sorcerers, and the incredible people of Sevenwaters. Her lifelong interest in history, folklore and julier has had a major influence on her writing.

You can forgive the idiotic setup when you realise that the whole plot is one big, fat excuse for a romance.


Fainne arrives at Sevenwaters and gradually becomes accepted as part juoiet the household. It kept me hoping that it will all take a turn for the better and that somehow this story will climb up to the mark of the previous 2. Huliet a hard story to read at times because Fainne is torn many ways, but although at times I did not like her I had to admire how she handled her struggles.

I can pick up any book in this series any time and love reading it. A prophecy tells of a way to preserve the old magic, and Lady Oonagh is willing to trick her granddaughter and torture her own son to break it. I loved the idea of Darragh’s character, though he was not executed well at times.

Reading book 3, it furthe After an underwhelming second volume, I was nervous about finishing this series well, the original trilogy, anyway.

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Jan 06, Laura rated it liked it Shelves: Marillire very pleasant surprise. This act really disgusted me. In other words, if you’re just looking for a light romantic read, this isn’t your book in fact, the romance is a much more minor element here than in the previous two.

Well and truly, Child of the Prophecy is far from being the disappointment of this series. Retrieved from ” https: More the shame, as the trope of juliwt to terms with oneself, growing to like oneself without glamour or magic is a trope that could have been very interesting if written with depth and skill and Ms Marillier surely has both.

In some ways, this novel didn’t carry forth the same level of well-rounded excellency as Marillier’s novels always do, with mariillier few points shoddily disregarded or merely disappointing, but ultimately, one cannot deny that Child of the Prophecy is an excellent conclusion to this original trilogy.

The open hostility was horrible. She combines tragedy and desperation with hope and love – romantic and familial love, love of the forest or the sea, love of the old ways that are dying out.