TestEquity AC Power Source – Chroma AC Power Source. Please visit the Series product page for additional information on all AC Power. Chroma Series Programmable AC Power Source delivers pure, instrument-grade AC power at very low cost. The Series supplies the output. Specifications. Output Rating: Power: VA,1ø (), VA,1ø (), VA,1ø (), VA,1ø (), VA,1ø ().

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The maximum allowable number of AC source implemented for the 6160 operation is 5 units. Characteristic of the series single-phase AC power supplies is the low distortion and high stability of the adjustable AC sinus at the output.

A easy-use software can let users edit an auto-run profile and record the measuring data during the test. I have been doing business with TTMS for years. An 16600 analog input makes the series suitable for amplifier operation. Open the datasheet for detailed specifications of this product. Of course, there are crhoma Labview drivers available if you want to integrate the unit into your own test setup.

The maximum current doubled in the low voltage range. Also, they are experts, provide good advice and deliver the right equipment.

Chroma – ShopALLdata

The series from Chroma ATE consists of the following models: The output voltage is divided into two ranges; Vrms and Vrms. In the same line Chroma also carries the series AC power supplies available with similar specifications but with the addition of testing according to IEC standards. We have been working in good collaboration with TTMS for many years. They are also curoma, flexible, committed and reliable. TTMS also has an extensive range of power meters.


Privacy Policy General terms of condition. Low distortion and high stability Characteristic of the series single-phase AC power supplies is the low distortion and high stability of the adjustable AC sinus at the output. Joop van Bijnen Hypex Electronics.

Thus, it is capable to simulate the unique waveform which observed in the 61600. The AC power source also provides an external analog input, to amplify the analog signal from arbitrary signal generator. There is also a possibility to set a slew rate for the voltage and frequency for specific tests.

This requires good and stable measurement and control equipment.

Chroma Series AC Power Supply

They think along with us and don’t try to sell me just anything. They offer us good advice, and have a wide range of products to choose from. Do you need a power analyser for your application? To achieve this, a reliable partner is needed that offers high quality and thinks along with us, and TTMS is such a partner. The AC power source generates very clean AC output with typical distortion less than 0.

It is suitable for commercialavionics, marine, and military applications from bench-top testing to mass productions. In DC mode, this corresponds to a voltage range of Vdc or Vdc.


Should it occur, for whatever reason, that there is a defect in the equipment of TTMS, they will follow up with the required chrima with regard to repair and, if necessary, a replacement. Before we decide to purchase a product, TTMS allows us to use a demonstration model to experience for a few days whether the product meets our expectations.

Chroma 61600 Series single phase AC power supplies

With power factor correction circuit, the AC power source yields higher efficiency and deliver more output power. Add to Inquiry Cart Data Sheet. They always live up their appointments.

With its service, TTMS invests in a good and lasting customer relationship. Due to the high crest factor, the unit can also be used in combination with chro,a high peak currents.

Chroma Series single phase AC power supplies. The user could also use A Power Stage as an alternative cost effective solution for the parallel operation, by implementing it as slave unit.

Technical problems are challenges for them and questions are answered quickly and adequately. Using the state-of-the-art PWM technology, the Chroma AC source is capable of delivering up to 6 times of chrpma current verses to its maximum rated current which makes it ideal for inrush current testing.