Conquista de lo inútil has ratings and reviews. Lee said: Here’s something to do before the end of the month: read this book and watch Fitzcar. WERNER HERZOG CONQUISTA DE LO INUTIL, LA (Spanish Edition). Stock Image. CONQUISTA DE LO INUTIL, LA (Spanish Edition): WERNER HERZOG. With Werner Herzog, Klaus Kinski, Claudia Cardinale, Justo González. In the s, an adolescent Werner Herzog was transfixed by a film performance of the .

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The voices in the jungle are silent; nothing is stirring, and a languid, immobile anger hovers over everything. Or in the oceans? Funny, mad, ambitious and totally fascinating. The subtitle of this book, “Reflections from the Making of Fitzcarraldo”, is a little misleading – while it is a collection of diary entries that Herzog wrote during the production conqusta that film, very little of it has to do with actual filmmaking. From this chaos, a violent, love-hate, profoundly creative partnership was born.

For three of those days he was hammering on the wall, for reasons not obvious to me.

My Best Fiend () – IMDb

Horrific working conditions and working at the most extreme ecological conditions? The second night it was about eleven, and I was already sound asleep, having not dared to turn on any lights, even though at that time of year it got dark around six; suddenly lights went on all over the house, there were voices, and the garage door opened.

So, what is the metaphor, they asked him. A leit-motif running through the journals is the bizarre quality of the news from civilization that filters down into the jungle: But Herzog is an engaging diarist and a witty observer, and in short, this is the diary of a madman.


Jul 07, Matthew rated it it was amazing.

hsrzog For three of those days he was hammering on the wall, for reasons not obvious to me. If the fleshed out metaphor was faked, it would have lost its power. I thought it must be thirsty and carefully poured water on its mouth and head, but it merely stared at me from the depths of a loneliness that had little connection left with earthly things. I spat, only obscene.

A Conquista do Inútil: Werner Herzog, o Barão de Iquitos | O Monomotor

These dark ruminations and unflinching observations are their own reward. I am half-way through. Like all Herzog documentaries, you also have coqnuista sort of treat it like fiction. What he does dwell on is the Amazon itself. Any concept of justice would be antithetical to all this.

There is a sense that nothing has changed in centuries out there in the water and vines. One of the most hilarious books I’ve read this year.

Conquista de lo inútil

A documentary on the chaotic production of Werner Herzog ‘s epic Kntilshowing how the film managed to get made despite problems that would have floored a less obsessively He thinks this is immensely erotic: And it is important, he replied. Especially Kinski who, of course, always tries to thrust himself into the spotlight. Reading his diaries from the m What else can you do but give this one wedner thumbs up? Refresh and try again.

When we got worried hours later and opened the closet to check, we found him asleep on his knees. Trivia About Conquest of the U Perhaps it’s because I’m a city girl, but Herzog’s vision of nature – obscene, cruel, wrathful, chaotic, and filled with a beauty that is terrible – rings far more true to me than any amount of nature-boy ramblings on harmony and being at one with the earth.


You will not find descriptions of how he did what and why.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. He was bitten on the arm. Wonderful, and highly recommended. Himself archive footage Mick Jagger It is rare to find a diary of an artist that so closely resemble their subject. Suraj Harade rated it it was ok May 07, I’m not saying I suscribe to Herzog’s heroic form of nihilism, maybe only because I’m too conquisat to accept it’s cold realities, but my head feels a little cleaner having gone as far on this foolish quest as one can in a book and a movie and a movie about a movie and then a book about it all.

The book ends with the ship completing its journey, with both the reader and author questioning what the point of it all was.

All that said, this is an amazing record of an amazing work.

A Conquista do Inútil: Werner Herzog, o Barão de Iquitos

Jul 15, Philipp rated it really liked it Shelves: Preview — Conquest of the Useless by Werner Herzog. To me it was not erotic at all.

A dreamscape full of fist- So, ce like me, you’ve seen Fitzcaraldo and Burden of Dreams and My Beast Fiend in addition to having read Kinski Uncutis this still worth checking out?