HUAWEI Bs LTE CPE VR Product Description. Issue 01 ( ). Commercial in Confidence. 2. Huawei Technologies. The product described in this manual may include copyrighted software of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd and possible licensors. Customers shall not in any . How to login B, how to change IP of B and how to set WiFi on B Manual.

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Vodafone 4G Join in the dicussion. Previously it was priced around R5k new online. Highlight the field next to “Profile name” and key in Optus Yes Internet. Tried alternations on this where i left the user name blank and password blank.

Join in the dicussion. Thread starter Azimuth Start date Nov 17, Tags b huawei lte. While other functions are supported, I picked up a few WS with the sole intention of repeating my wireless signal. Just log-in to router settings and change to Ireland. Azimuth Expert Member Nov 19, Configuring the unit over a phone is a chore in microfiche efficiency.

Intermittently, I would be able to connect to gmail by Chrome but the modem was running like a drunken snail at a demented light and laser disco.

Don’t go looking for firmware to unlock this! It would’ve been a sterling touch for Huawei to include a small plastic tool for this, or even little SMA female extenders.


Download Manual for the Huawei B

The B in comparison goes for around R1. What’s in the box? In the intervening period, do you have 4G signal in your area with vodafone on other 4G enabled devices?

I regularly get over 40Mbps with constant 4 bars. Furhertest i got was attempting a b5933 scan where it lists the 4G networks it can find – vodafone,3 – however when i click the register button- everytime i get back it failed to register on network.

If you’re asked to key in your PIN: Sometimes wi fi kicked in to deliver a whats app message. The Poynting antenna discussion thread Antenna installation and alignment.

Key in the password for your Wi-Fi Hotspot and click Join. For instance, occasionally I’ll get no traffic on the network. That and, um, it’s one of the only full-sized LTE routers around. Key in connectcap If you’re an Optus Connectme customer: I could improve and stabilise your service IF I was in the business. One need simply go to the Diagnostics menu and select the “System check”. Bad weather does not effect LTE like it does 3G. As the French would say Porquoi?

Joined Nov 1, Messages 12, This worked brilliantly but I did notice a few quirks I’m still unsure of. I am not sure if I have the right information. Thanks, Learn all about our new forum, right here. On that note, let’s intro the B family: Do you use two external antennas? A brother of mine had got one of these a few months earlier and he was advised then to leave it on standby for 24 hrs for it to “activate”. This thread is for all sub models of the B Azimuth Expert Member Nov 17, Thanks for letting us know – devices require 4G compatible firmware to access this service, as well as the relevant plan.


HUAWEI LTE CPE B593 4G Router Installation and Firmware Upgrade

Well historically it started as an Xmas deal and lasted two or three months. Makes for coupling an external hard drive that much easier. Highlight the field next to “Password” and key in admin.

Forums New posts Search forums. Guess I will continue to use it as is, or install it elsewhere. Tested various APN’s and have perfect 4G coverage on Iphone so im not doubting this does not work anymore. You need steel fingers for working with the cursed SMA barrel connectors!! Products and Services FAQs. Anyone got one of these working? Hosehead Executive Member Nov 19, It’s worth checking if the device has an update available. Have I had any problems – Not under normal conditions.