Find great deals for DATRON A Digital Mulitmeter. Shop with confidence on eBay!. This is a GENUINE Datron , A, & Digital Multimeters Calibrating & Operation Manual (printed in ). This manual contains super illustrations. COMPUTE-. The Datron , A and AUTOCAL multi-function, microprocessor controlled digital voltmeters (DVM) are high precision measuring.

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The basic AC set-up procedure is complete. Synchronisation is achieved by adjusting the master clock frequency. Once DC has been selected, the F.


The output current from the RMS module passes into filter-buffer Ml and is converted to a nominal 5 volts for a full range signal.

Thus there is no voltage across Rz and consequently no current in Rz. This signal is then measured and’ compared with a stored value. R75 is adjusted for optimum linearity. Datron or A. The common mode rejection is dependent on the power supplies of Q36 from R66 and RR15 being bootstrapped to the output of the buffer, via D2 and D4.

This produces a refresh period for capacitors C4-C11 to discharge from the V supply through the restoration diodes. Repeat 24 and 25 until both correct. See all condition definitions – opens in a new window or tab.

Memory Error read-out specific- ations and other fixed factors. If the drift was positive turn R clockwise, if negative turn R anti- clockwise.

It must be used before any DC voltage or Ohms calibration is carried out. The control lines of the multiplexer M35 allows the 0 volts reference input, at pin 4, to be connected to its output. Amend instrument identification label Current date -t- 5 years.


Datron 1 A line is also provided to instruct the micro- processor which options are present and if the AC assembly is measuring a signal above 5kHz. The output from the latches is applied to a digital-to- analog converter, AN2. Basically, the Display Driver assembly receives the display information from the microprocessor running at kHz and stores it in a Random Access Memory RAM digit by digit.

DATRON 1061 Digital Multimeter

Digital and analog assemblies. The basic DC only instrument set-up procedure is complete. When the 11061a voltage of the regulator is approximately 1. Where no tolerance is shown in this column, only the exact reading quoted with an occasional least significant digit showing is to be expected. Thus the inputs to the ‘Ratio Input’ on the rear panel are connected to the measurement cir- cuits. Under these circum- stances, the calibration memory is not updated and the instrument goes into ‘Hold’ with the 1061 button calibration key LED remains on.

The options are mechanically fitted and require no soldering. Further gain is provided by the following long-tail pair cascade of Q20, Q21, Q22 and Q23, which is loaded by a current mirror, Q Datron products, number andare available as ‘Lin’ and ‘Ib’ sources and are recommended. An exploded view of the instrument is shown in Fig 2.

Note; To reduce datrln effect of noise at low input levels, AC zero calibration is carried out at 0.


Apply —1 volt d. Adjust the applied frequency and note that TP6 changes logic state at a frequency between I. Centralize R and R Back to home page. Its input buffer Q36 reduces bias current errors.

Desolder battery at end of tags and remove from clip. This item may be a floor model or an item that has been returned to the seller after a period of use. Then on each range just a ‘Zero’ and ‘Gain’ calibration is required.

For operating procedures refer to the User’s Handbook. Check that the display can be calibrated to When AC volts is selected the compensation inform- ation for a particular range is recalled by the micropro- cessor, transferred across the isolation barrier and dztron on to M13, M14 Drawing No.

The use of ohms guard permits in-circuit measurement of resistors, provided shunt paths are greater than and a suitable tapping point is available.

The circuitry is placed into the 0.

In the following description, each bar, decimal point or legend is referred to as a display segment and each set of segments i. Up to volts is present inside the instrument.

DATRON 1061A Digital Mulitmeter

The delay makes sure that the signal from Ml has disabled the “F. Access to the non-volatile memory is gained using a key inserted into the rear panel. M8 and M9 form a satron type, full wave recti- fier.