Viveros is the author of De quebradores y cumplidores: Sobre hombres, masculinidades y relaciones de genero en Colombia (Bogota: Universidad National de. “Quebradores y cumplidores: Biografía diversas de la masculinidad.” In Masculinidades y equidad de género en América Latina, edited by Teresa Valdés and. De quebradores y hombres, masculinidades y relacionesdegénero en Colombia [OfBreakers and Keepers. AboutMen, Masculinitiesand.

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Income cumplixores and the prevalence of common mental disorders in Britain. Sex and danger in Buenos Aires: J Community Appl Soc Psychol ; 6: Las estructuras elementales del parentesco.

In search of respect: Trajectories of antidepressant medication before and after retirement: Table 2 Logistic regression models for the presence of clinically significant depressive symptoms ds Mexican adults, by gender.

In the realm of the Diamond Queen: Journal of Psychoanalytic Anthropologyv.

Traficando con hombres: la antropología de la masculinidad

Contributors to this reader have produced fresh and situated understandings of the relations between gender, sexuality, culture and society across the region. The analysis produced a continuous variable whose highest values were associated with the highest accumulated wealth values socioeconomic status.

For the descriptive analysis, categorical variables were summarized using proportions and for the bivariate analysis, chi-square test was used to evaluate associations between each categorical covariate fe the response variable presence of depressive symptoms.


Cadernos de AntropologiaPorto Alegre: Unlocking the iron cage: All the covariates were categorical; the categories of each one can be reviewed in Table 1. The invention of heterosexuality.

New Frontiers, ,Pigmentocracies. Becoming Nigerian in Ijo society.

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This could be explained by a better ability to cognitively respond to stressful stimuli, which people learn with higher educational levels, as well as the positive impact of education that has been found on employment quebradorees work conditions 39 Szinovacz ME, Davey A. Association between employment status change and depression in Korean adults.

Such a perspective allows me to address the simultaneous co-existence of socio-racial exclusion and inclusion and the repressive and productive effects of power, attraction and anxiety as aspects of lived experiences in relation to sexuality. Gender at the crossroads of knowledge: Participation in the labor market enables men to carry out the role assigned to them as providers for their families as well as to receive social recognition and perform functions that are typically considered to be male, such as technical skills and holding authority positions 19 The role of literacy in the association between educational attainment and depressive symptoms.


Racial and ethnic discrimination. Another substantial limitation is that this study is a cross-sectional analysis, and the directionality of the specific relationships in the model cannot be determined. While socioeconomic status is significant only in men, receiving money from social programs is significantly associated in women. The role of the father: Gender Studies cumplirores, Anthropologyand Feminism. Quebradoees violence among the Ilahita Arapesh: Finally, the association between depressive symptoms, employment quebraodres, and employment income was estimated only cumpldores current workers with logistic regression models also adjusted for the same covariates as in the previous models.

Des hommes et du masculin. The mental health benefits of employment: Previously trained personnel conducted both questionnaires through face-to-face interviews. University of Michigan Press, World Dev ; Although mature and vibrant, Latin American scholarship on sexuality still remains largely invisible to cumplidorfs global readership. The age group 15 to 49 years is d most affected, for which depression represents Children of six cultures: University of California Press,p.

Economic recession and mental health: