Death and the Afterlife (Minneapolis: Bethany House Publishers, , cloth, pages). One of the first books written in response to The Fire That Consumes. A valuable reference work on a subject largely ignored by the Church in recent years. With the second book of Life Drawings the focus turns to the events those small blessings that God provides for us each day. In a series that is quite unique to the .

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Death and the Afterlife by Robert A. Morey

Mani marked it as to-read Jul 21, Many times such as in the argument that Irenaeus was an annihilationistit is argued that beliefs that oppose Morey moret wrong because the other side misunderstands, and that is that. A thorough critique of annihilationism, the denial of an eternal Hell. I then give six other passages from Baruch which traditionalists claim plus 12 others which anticipate total extinction.

He falsely moreey, for example, that conditionalists admit no degree of punishment p. Is this not the very contrast the Bible intends to draw? The magazine was first named “Present Truth” because that had been the name of a pioneer SDA journal, and the publishers wished to mofey the point that the “present truth” for today 2 Pet. Currently, the school is being led by Dr.

As used here, a “conditionalist” is a person who holds that, because only God is inherently immortal deathlesshuman immortality is “conditional” and will be God’s gift to the redeemed in the resurrection.

Book Review – Death and the Afterlife, Dr. Robert A. Morey – Good News Unlimited

He strongly criticizes Islam, Wicca, and non-Evangelical Christian beliefs. We must understand, they tell us, that words like “die,” “perish,” “destroy,” “perish” and “consume” — when used of the wicked — all mean something entirely different from what we might suspect. Interestingly, Edersheim’s testimony also proves a diversity of Jewish belief, though Morey repeatedly says that Edersheim proves that eternal torment was “the” Jewish view at the time of Christ.


Morey cites “the best of human minds” and “the best of the human race” who always have believed in the immortality of the soul, with emphasis on “philosophers from Socrates to the present” pp. However, Morey fails to mention that “fire and worms” in this text were “decay” in the original Hebrew, that the author’s grandson changed it to “fire and worms” in the Greek edition to suit a later doctrine, or that at least three other passages in Ecclesiasticus sound exactly like total destruction.

The Septuagint’s translators choice of psyche therefore proves nothing about their belief concerning the soul’s immortality. Traditionalists offer two primary reasons for their belief that the wicked will suffer conscious pain forever. Armstrong’s periodical of a similar title.

Dec 10, Dan rated it really liked it Shelves: Shannon Shaw marked it as to-read Oct 08, Death and the Afterlife Minneapolis: Despite the very extensive research involved, the exegesis is shallow, Morey’s opponents are maligned, misrepresented, and many of their more important and convincing arguments are ignored.

A prime example of this fallacy is Morey’s statement that “once man dies, he. Even if it did, it might only mean they were importing into their Greek Old Testament a concept never found in the original Hebrew.

Md Meiser added it Jul 16, Tom added it Mar 09, Oct 25, James Mayuga rated it really liked it.

Scripture was not written by scientists, the conditionalist notes, or in some technical or mystical language, but in the everyday language of the common citizen of its day. Some, who argued that every soul will deqth forever, denied that any soul will ever “die,” “perish,” “corrupt” or be “destroyed.


R Robert Morey is a Christian apologist and pastor who has written a number of books and pamphlets. Jimmy added it Jul 22, In an irreverent and secular world where anything goes, these points need to be repeated again and again.

Death and the Afterlife

Unfortunately, Morey falls headlong into this error pp. We should instead remember Paul’s warnings against pagan orbert notions which are contrary mlrey the resurrection faith, as well as Jesus’ words about following the crowd down its broad road away from him and his teaching.

The Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha and Dead Sea Scrolls are all available for any researcher today who wishes to have primary information on first-century Jewish thought. Theology Westminster Theological Seminary D. Please enter at least one item.

Trivia About Death and the Aft The modern form concerns the resurrection of the human body. I also chide Froom for some over-zealous picking of proof texts, though Morey erroneously afteglife that conditionalists since Froom have simply repeated his claims, carelessly citing my work as an example.

Jan 17, Andrew rated it really liked it Shelves: Conditionalists like to make their points by simply lining up in long rows the very words and expressions Old and New Testament writers use to describe the final end of the lost.