Pyrapoint [Don E. Hall] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I SUBMIT TO YOU THAT THE PYRAPOINT SYSTEM IS THE PRINCIPLE WHICH. Pyrapoint Book6-final — GANN (PYRAPOINT DON E. HALL Published by Halliker’s, r). Is anyone using the “Pyrapoint System” developed by Don E. Hall? Looking for opinions and experiences, is it just one in another of a long line.

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ASI over all momentum lines for scheduling down trend designation for trades.

Pyrapoint Pages 1 – 50 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

While many quality-looking programs are in the marketplace today, none of the FIBlines, Gann lines, or variously sold trendline programs currently examined consistently or.

Sets the Significant Digit value that is to be used in the Pyrapoint calculation. You have completed square of 11,and also the square of 12 within this cycle. By the same analogy, from square 1, note that travel upward along the degree line finds the squares of even numbers — each just prior to the degreedissection line. Thus it follows that since there areeight degree segments in the complete cycle, there should be four degreesegments in half of the cycle — or one square.

This is an overlay yprapoint both Gann and Fibonacci angles. Date Time Of Last Edit: Where am I in this square of trading? One would undoubtedly befoolish to ignore all fundamentals. Remember the basic square construction. Thus we correctly conclude that there are four segments in each of thesquares so designated — and each are 45 degrees.

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This is where you will need to make properuse and interpretation of the Pythagorean Cube Ratios. Ignore a set-up at a pivot IF against trend — leave the position run to next objective in theevent that you already following a favorable trade position. It is hands down donn most complete and fastest of all except for one missing thing: Weintend to show you reasons for everything to which we are referring. To post a message in this thread, you need to login with your Sierra Chart account:.

I never found the secret as shown by his verified results. Never buy or sell just to get a scalping profit.

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The rules which we use are self-evident on your chart of the square for the priceparameter in which your commodity or stock is trading. Apologies for the delay. The reason that we are not concernedabout other programs, which may well reflect a more accurate approach to this situation is that,we are concerned with the ratio — the relationship, if you will — and an ongoing manner ofcomparison.

Save Settings as Default: Gann did will give a trader the best edge at trading which is available today –perhaps the best known to man!

This needs to be in the time frame in which we are currentlycharting. This is one of the worst mistakes a trader can make. Indeed, trading has a very unique and ancient history, dating back to the earliest recordings ofany type of commerce.


In passing, let us say that we have relayedto you only the things which relate to the markets, and which we have had the privilege ofobservations and determination.

Be just as willing to sell short as you are to buy. Everything in existence is based on exact proportion andperfect relationship. The charts will truly act as words. In other words, lyrapoint chart showing corn advancing one pyrapoin each day wouldobviously be increasing at a rate equal for each unit, or would be plotted on the 45 degree line.

Do the numbers and calculated relationships therein make thefundamentals, which we study???

The ratio will be the thing, which will get and keep our attention as pyraopint is going on in the bean market. We encourage you to look at similar factors of your choosing to assistyour trend data.

Sometimes you will note that it goes morethan once around the square.

One quick note of support: