The draftwatermark package implements a few simple commands for adding watermarks to LaTeX documentclass options illustrated Abstract. The draftwatermark package extends LATEX providing a means to add a textual. (usually light gray, but possibly colored) watermark. To do this use the package draftwatermark in the LaTeX document from LaTeX it is nice to remind everyone that it is in the draft stage.

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How to add draft watermark in LaTeX

And finally, there is no way you could insert a picture as a watermark which is what Neno wanted to doand IMHO this could be a big issue for many people who may want their company’s logo as a watermark. If you need anything more sophisticated than that, you will have to do something in the line of what I described here. The draftwatermark latrx has some limitations. Published May 5, October 14, Thank you so much! latec

Now I’m using watermarks, but this time the picture is a colored one. You can try to use some other similar packages.

draftcopy – Identify draft copies

Let me know how it turns out To insert on only the first page use:. Font size default 5cm max: However the size of the writing is quite small and I would like to make it much bigger. While collaborating on or sharing an unfinished PDF document produced from LaTeX it is nice to remind everyone that it is in the draft stage.


The default scale of the text draftopy 1. To add a figure to the current page only: Any idea to solve the problem? Watermarks especially wallpapers take their toll on computer resources, especially speed and save stack size.

Hi, I found your post on watermarking in latex very helpful and I have a question. This command only adds the watermark to one late first one if you leave the watermark code in your preamble.

Posted by Filox at 4: The class lettre somehow uses a different page layout. How to make it appear only in the current or One page. Yes, you can add an image instead of text using includegraphics: Harish named already one, but you dgaftcopy get errors, if you use scrpage2. To set a different lightness use: Any how, victor won’t be using it looking at his requirements. I am not aware of any method to achieve that.

Amy, I have posted a possible solution on the blog. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. However, some things are missing from the package. I need a watermark for 50 some pages in my appendix only. However, the package xwatermark from Ahmed Musa Who is active in this forum is better in handling such cases.


Daily rant: How to insert watermark in LaTeX

According to draftcoy documentation colored watermarks were only added at the beginning of this year Jan The first one is fairly simple, just include the package draftcopy and voila. December at Neno wants to know how to use a picture instead of text. Note here that by watermark I mean some text that will appear on the background of each page of the document. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Type H for immediate help.

CTAN: Package draftcopy

The text can be rotated to another angel using: I need eraftcopy make a template letter for company, but need the logo behind the text. Running the code does not produce an error in my editor though.

How can I avoid this. Hope to see more innovative codes in the future!!!