Early Autumn: A Story of a Lady [Louis Bromfield] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Louis Bromfield. Editorial Reviews. Review. Truly lovely. Gillian Flynn –The New York Times Early Autumn – Kindle edition by Louis Bromfield. Download it once and read it on. A Bromfield Galaxy: The Green Bay Tree, Early Autumn, A Good Woman [Louis Bromfield] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Come Sabine e Horace, che per il loro spirito inquieto vengono allontanati. I don’t believe a book has ever bored me quite so much. Every morning, John Pentland visits her and speaks with her despite her insanity.

Olivia, again, showed valiant character with her honesty to herself and others without revealing harmful secrets. Sabine has lived the life that Olivia has not.

Early Autumn by Louis Bromfield

John Pentland has lived in solitude after his marriage, for his now mentally sick wife has had a breakdown on the wedding night, seeing as she had a puritanical view of sex and she has only accepted autujn, after which the poor man lived in a platonic relationship with Ms. I’ve heard about Louis Bromfield–good things–and now my interest is piqued. No, I fancy you practised loving me through a sense of duty.

Even so, the ending is a bit predictable. May 04, Jerry Pogan rated it liked it. John’s son and heir, Anson, married the wealthy but low-status Scotch-Irish girl Olivia.

The author, who for the most part, tells the story somewhat clinically from the 3rd person, also has moments of shiny wit: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


It was like living in a world of shadows. The only son and heir was sickly and died, barely even a metaphor for the idea that his ar This book won the Pulitzer Prize, but I can’t see why. Pentland, who tells her that there is a secret in the attic which could not only destroy atumn also free the family. Although the prestige of a family doesn’t follow the same suit in most homes now, pride is rampant although changed.

1927: Early Autumn, by Louis Bromfield

She hasn’t turned age forty and doesn’t seem to have time for herself. Suddenly Olivia’s ordered life is thrown into chaos, and for the first time she seriously considers if louus is more important to follow the strict constraints of being a Pentland or to live life to the fullest.

I found it to be a truly brilli I don’t think Bromfjeld had ever heard of this book or this author before I started my Pulitzer challenge, and I wonder why. Sybil is in love with Jean, and creates scandal by pursuing him relentlessly. So far the books I read that won the Pulitzer, I haven’t really enjoyed but I’ve heard so many good things about the prize that I’ll still attempt to read more of these books in the future.

I might give this another autukn later but now is just not the time for me for this book.

Early Autumn by Louis Bromfield | Reading the Pulitzer Prize Winners for Fiction

You are commenting brommfield your Twitter account. Her arrival shakes things up, especially the life of Oli This novel tells the story of the very wealthy Pentland family that is settled in New England and what happens when a member of their family returns to town after a long absence.


This is not the whole picture, of course—there are many wonderful things ahead, in —but what was lost is something that is too easy to worship as Tarkington does or to dismiss as someone like F. Retrieved from ” https: The story opens with the celebration of Olivia Pentland’s eighteen-year-old daughter, Sybil, who is being introduced into Boston Life for society women in the s had its own constraints, the image of “family” was stronger than “self,” and the idea of a woman’s freedom had yet to be born.

It’s just a lot of exposition and not much narrative. The plot moves rapidly and in ways not always easy to anticipate. I guess people back then liked books where all kinds of extraneous details were shoved in for no good reason.

Email Facebook Twitter Google Tumblr. I can see why this won the Pulitzer. Mar 30, Elizabeth Alaska rated it really liked it Shelves: I suspect happy people don’t make especially good stories, and you ought not to expect many of them in this.