: ARTE DE LA ESCRITURA DRAMATICA, EL. FUNDAMENTOS PARA LA INTERPRETA () by LAJOS EGRI and a great selection . Readers’ questions about El arte de la escritura dramática. by Lajos Egri I suspect that Egri would say that it was what the author thought the premise was. The art of dramatic writing Lajos Egri ( â ) How to write a play () Premise Romeo and Juliet = Great love defies even death King.

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What is the point of 1 contradiction and 2 conflict between them? All cowardice or heroism, all human sacrifice happen because the authors of these deeds wish to annihilate the eternal, indestructible menace of our life insecurity.

As an author, you must know your characters intimately, and with a few bold strokes or with detailed drawing, make them come to life. His internal make-up decides the result beforehand; the spur-of-the-moment action must be in him to begin with.

What does he want, more than anything? Your rating has been recorded. Whatever happened to others can happen to us.

Lajos Egri – Presentacion El Arte de La Escritura Dramatica – [PDF Document]

Fear is always humiliating, for it shows naked insecurity. He is willing to fight, struggle, connive, undermine, lie, to divert the attention of the protagonist from his goal.

Loyalty can exist when two or more peoples interests so bind them together that life without the other seems impossible. A sick person would see the world differently from a well person, right? But underneath, in the recesses of the mind, ambition, or whatever else he things is important, breathes as fiercely as before.

You can only do this if you know the characters background, his inherited characteristics, ambitions, hatreds, loves, his heroes, and all the big and little episodes of his life that could ep a searchlight on the man as a whole. The protagonist is always against the antagonist.


But they rapidly grow transition into barbed-wire naggings and poisoned sarcasms.

Other characters, because of their unique motivations, respond or react, setting off a chain of story events. Because we are terribly insecure. Sooner or later the sooner the betterthe protagonist starts the conflict. How did his parents and experiences form him? The crisis is the turning point, a time when a change is imminent. The Art of Dramatic Writing: Great ambition is drmatica a compensation for some deficiency in the person.

The unbreakable bond is created by great love, great hate, hurt ego, revenge, or any other emotion you can thing of, but it must be really great. There are many reasons, one stacked upon another, and then the last straw that dashes the person into utter hopelessness. This is his point of attack, the decision or action that dramtixa the conflict.

Motivation is that which prompts a character to act in a certain way. To motivate is to instigate, to incite action, to induce to reason, to stimulate. Every story should be built on slowly rising conflict, with all the transitions in place.

Why do readers demand conflict in stories? Point of Attack The point of attack starts your story.

Lajos Egri – Presentacion El Arte de La Escritura Dramatica

He has a duty to perform. Write a review Rate this item: Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions.

Make his universe revolve around him alone. Have opposites facing each other if you want to establish conflict from the very beginning.

The Art of Dramatic Writing: Constructing Character Lajos Egri. – [PPT Powerpoint]

To show insecurity is to strip a wrte of his dignity. Character is subsidiary to action ErrorThe situations are inherent in the characterCharacter creates plot, not vice versa. If conflict doesnt grow in intensity, xrte story will drag. By exaggerating a characters compulsive trait, you point out the readers own shortcomings. Romeo and JulietFilumena MarturanoWhy a play starts?


Greed leads to isolation. Who is your antagonist? To strip one of dignity, expose their insecurity, is to court abuse. Every action creates a counter action. If you have two militant characters opposed to one another, you have the foundation for a very good story. You can create a character that is totally normal, even thoroughly charming, but who has one insignificant trait that becomes disagreeable and hateful.

He is relentlessly compulsively selfish. As the conflict in a story rises to meet each new crisis, climax, and resolution, you must keep building for the final crisis, climax, and resolution, which will be the sum total of all the preceding ones, proving the premise.

The Art of Dramatic Writing: Constructing Character Lajos Egri.

How does this decision create another problem? The character himself is powerless to create, to conjure up the mood.

Before jealousy, there is suspicion; before suspicion, antagonism the basis efri growing hate. Therefore, a premise is a goal. Through the roofs and gables I can see them. A characters physical appearance can make him feel either secure or insecure. Inordinate ambition is the sign of greater than normal insecurity and the realization that the importance of being important is an absolute necessity for establishing his superiority over the common herd.