El desprecio. Novela, Traducción de Attilio Dabini. Tercera edición.- Buenos Aires, Losada, ; en 8º mayor, pp. Buy El desprecio by Alberto Moravia (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Buy El Desprecio by Alberto Moravia (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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In certain cases, in fact, loyalty is form of vengeance, of black-mail, of recovering one’s self-respect. When she persists, he tells her that she is a beautiful aristocratic woman, and that any man would become excited being near her.

And Moravia tirelessly charts this descent from love step by ignominious step to hate.

El desprecio: Alberto Moravia: : Books

Scroll over to zoom Click for full size. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Wanting to wring the guy by the collar and yell at him to “just say what you mean!

Then I turned around and saw you and was so happy. If she doesn’t care, what is it all for? Feeling guilty, he scraped together some money and bought the first installment on a lease of an apartment in a new building nearing completion. Penelope in her turn does not accept any proposals on account of her pride and loyalty not because she is head over heels with her long gone spouse.

Read it if you want to witness and perhaps relive the rather rapid disintegration of a long-term relationship, step by torturous step. He tells us even though Emilia loved him she was quite upset to learn on their marriage that he could not give her an apartment of their own.

El desprecio

Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. Why does he do these things which just make his complete situation worse? One also learns the fickleness of woman’s emotions. This is what a modern-day scriptwriter does to his relationship.

Matters come to a head when he agrees to collaborate with Rheingold, the director, on mmoravia to interpret The Odyssey for the screen. Both stories contained the idea that being unable to make a wife dedprecio results in an emasculating reevaluation of a man’s life purpose. Very exacting in its depictions of emotions. A very romantic story of sorts that is albberto romantic.


But the agony indirectly also raises questions on how a modern man is supposed to balance his id and superego, or rather the expectations from his id and superego. It is always ruthless determination to follow his subject line to the bitter end.

Always aware of bourgeois sentiment and how the rising man is affected by the nature of alberot world around him, this one is no different from the other Moravia books I have read. While Emilia makes a decision and sticks to it, Ricardo is constantly vacillating. Molteni is not a particularly likeable character.

Ablerto plays the role of the suitors and Molteni aka Ulysses allows him to get too close to his wife, who is Penelope in this version and she despises this lack of despprecio. We can then guess that Ricardo did not especially act so happy with his wife.

He believes this reason is trivial and maybe dishonest. The funny thing is that as a reader you clearly see the reason behind this contempt – but he Contempt was one of my first adult reading experience.

Riccardo has an image of the man he sees himself despgecio be, and despite ultimate realizations and equivocal gestures, he is paralyzed by his inability to be that man. At the isle of Capri, where things come to a disastrous head, Emilia finally leaves him a note saying it is over.


He seems to get into even the woman’s head – without ever narrating the story from her perspective. To that point where she begins to question it herself – Yes, there must be something wrong. The backdrop is a writer who takes on the dubious task of writing a script adaptation of Ulysses. For all it’s painful predicaments, there is a great substance in his writing, sometimes you want to turn away from the intimate conflict and intensity, but he still compels the reader to keep turning the pages to the bitter end.

Add to wishlist E-mail a link to this book. Don’t read it if you want a simple book on marriage disintegration. Contempt, by Alberto Moravia. An insistent urge to analyze every tiny bit, every deviation from consistency or every possible deviation from consistency. Though he did not tell her, he was constantly worrying about where he was going to get the next installment for the lease.



Write a customer review. Sign up to receive offers and updates: The dark word usury hangs over his head threatening to descend and choke the life out of him. As he recounts the story of their marriage it becomes also his search to understand how and why this came to be. If he can get her to tell him, then he can explain himself and win back her love. She is, however, for the most part silent.

But from that day on Ricardo looked at Emilia with a certain resentment. Oh boy, this book was fantastic!

E’ un autore che sa indagare perfettamente l’animo umano e i suoi temi sono veramente molto attuali. Yes, that’s right, I must have if he feels it so.

albeerto After the fact, it is usually too difficult as well as painful and potentially self-incriminating to let ourselves remember. Continuously analyzing, agonizing, speculating reasons for what he thinks is a contemptuous attitude from his wife.

Lists with This Book. Any man who has known ruthless and moravai rejection without apparent cause or reason will be able to relate to the main character, script writer, disillusioned idealist, Riccardo Molteni, who desperately searches for an answer – any rational answer – to his wife’s uncharacteristic apathy, and subsequent, unremitting contempt towards ContemptAlberto Moravia’s famous novel is a work of raw psychological force, that reverberates long after you’re finished, abandoning you in a cold, dazed state.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage wlberto. Luckily she got off the bus. Ricardo Molteni is a writer and he wants to create for the theater.