Electrolux WH 25lb Soft Mount Washer Extractor. SKU: WH. Extremely Low water Consumption; Compass control Features AWS-Automatic Weighing. WH – (11kg) Washer Extractor available to rent or buy from Acer Equipment, suppliers of commercial laundry equipment. Electrolux WH washing machine front loading Suspended frame l G-factor front loaded washer extractor with programmable Clarus .

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This screen shows that the stored tare parameter has been cleared. In order to qualify for a refund of the VAT and for the sale to be zero rated the goods must be exported within 3 months of elctrolux time of supply and valid evidence of export received by the Auctioneers within one month of the date of export. Full delivery address inc postal or ZIP code. This takes between 5 and 15 seconds. User manuals login required. After a power-cut, the weighing equipment will always display 0, no matter what the actual load in the drum.

Finding the perfect balance between low water and energy consumption, whilst maximizing wash results with shorter processing time. The Buyer takes on responsibility to insure against and to make good any injury or damage to persons or property caused by the Buyer, eelctrolux carriers, servants or agents upon the fall of the hammer but goods must be paid for in full before property in the goods passes to the Buyer.

Electrolux WH Specifications |

This will be refunded when valid commercial evidence of removal from the UK is received. Therefore, never mix the machine or its parts with domestic waste as this may lead to health hazards or damage to the electrrolux. Viewing before bidding is strongly recommended.

The program will now be deleted from the memory card. Please login and then click here to find out manuals.

Auto restart means that the same program will be repeated one or more times, according to the number set. La maggior parte dei componenti della macchina sono riciclabili, ma ce ne sono anche alcuni che devono essere smaltiti in modo appropriato.


Shows the total operating time for the machine since it was installed. A security deposit may be taken from the card registered with the auction platform site before bidding commences details will be given in the Auction Notes. Once this function has been selected, the current step for example, rinse of the earlier program will be allowed to finish and then the new program will start from the beginning.

The Electrolux WH front loading washing machine is certified for use in most countries and can be ordered at different voltages to suit your commercial laundry.

Such people must be instructed in the use of the machine by a person who has responsibility for their safety. Your browser w4105 out-of-date! Please discuss your requirements with the accounts office. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Failure to contact us to arrange payment will result in your i-bidder account being blocked.

Calibration weight A weight of between 40 kg and kg should be used as a calibration weight.

Electrolux – W4105H – (11kg) Washer Extractor

Please enquire for your destination point requirements. Continue in the same way as described above. Lots will be offered at set intervals — see catalogue for timing details.

No person shall retract his bidding. If you want to reset the register: Full details including an email address and credit or debit card details must be provided in order to bid. With the wash triangle, perfect balance between economy, wash performance and time, depending on the customer needs.

A copy is transferred from the storage chip of the machine program control unit to the chip on the card. We have the right to revise and amend these terms and conditions from time to time to reflect changes in market conditions affecting our business, changes in technology, changes in payment methods, changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements and changes in our system’s capabilities.

Use the numeric keys to change the required number of restarts. When electrooux do, the current function for example, rinse will be interrupted. Tailored to your needs Extra Spin models are robust and reliable in any type of installation which needs a basic product. The number of valves present will vary according to the machine type.


The Purchaser shall make no claim against the Vendor or the Auctioneers in respect of any loss, damage or injury whether to person or property suffered by the Purchaser in the course of or at any time after the delivery of the goods and in any way connected with or arising out of the condition of the goods.

No products to compare. This will always bring you back to the menu illustrated here. The memory card may be removed from the card reader after the program a4105h started. The purchaser should ensure that their contractors hold sufficient Public Liability insurance, copies of which should be made available to the auctioneers if requested.

Monday 15 th June from 9am — 4: To be sure to win, come back on 16 Jun The lowest level for a mop program in the main wash with heating is 22 scale units. Memory cards of this type can be used to: On machines with weighing equipment only. All manual settings are cancelled when you exit manual operation All manual settings such as door, motor, temperature, and drain will be cancelled when you exit manual operation.

Safety Precautions Safety Precautions The machine is only intended for water-wash use. The actual net weight is shown in large digits on the display. Due to data protection, all software and data on computers will be removed before sale.

Please contact the auction office. Large door opening easy-to-use interface very low noise and vibration level are appreciated features.