Emerald Empire: The Legend Of Five Rings Companion was the fourth source book for Third Edition of the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game. AEG L5R Emerald Empire O – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File ( .txt) or read book online for free. From what I can gather Emerald Empire simply explores the world of rokugan, but I haven’t been able to get my hands on a copy to flip through.

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The children of the Sun and Moon wandered the world, interacting with mankind before returning to speak with one another. The unsuspecting Empire had never seen such powerful beasts and could do little to prevent the collapse of its defenses. Pages with related products. Emerqld was a terrible battle, but in eerald end, Hantei cut his father open, and his siblings tumbled out – all save for Ryoshun, the first consumed and the only one among them who was truly dead. Onnotangu eventually caught up with Amaterasu, and the sky was blackened during the middle of the day.

Emerald Empire: Fourth Edition

These two institutions would come to play vital roles in Rokguan’s governance. Explore the Home Gift Guide. Hantei struck and severed his father’s hand, and Fu Leng tumbled after his siblings.

The combined armies of the Lion and Dragon Clans stood behind her and secured her power, and as Empress, Yugozohime quickly dismantled the Gozoku power structure. Even as Iuchiban was destroyed, Shinsei’s descendent Rosoku, son of empure Hooded Ronin, emerged from hiding. Various small skirmishes and battles continued to take place, some with disastrous results. Now calling themselves the Unicorn Clan, they were unaware of the Shadowlands threat and approached their ancestral homeland from the south.

Emersld lion-like Kitsu, the subterranean Zokujin, the wily Kenku, the brutish ogres, and the opportunistic trolls were but a few of the races that flourished during this time, although the conflicting accounts of their “empires” make any attempt to properly chronicle this era impossible.

With this book you will live it. From geography, to customs, to faith, and even a chapter devoted to the known Gaijin outside the Empire. However, his divine instincts told him something terrible had befallen his first son, the Thunder Hida Atarasi, supposedly killed on the Day of Thunder. The third century, like the one before it, was mostly calm and peaceful. This book will answer any left over questions.


Doji’s elegance overcame Shiba, but she in turn was defeated by the might of Akodo. It has everything one needs to know about ejerald Rokugan. This event was later known as the Scorpion Clan Coup. The devastation wrought by his fall destroyed the city, scattered the Nezumi, and created the Shadowlands, for he punched through the mortal realm into Jigoku itself.

However, this era of optimism slowly fell into corruption after the Gozuku took over.

Yugozohime died in the ensuing battle, known as the Battle of White Stag, but the Rokugani completely routed the foreign troops and ships. With the gods restored to rule of the Heavens, it was time to restore balance in empore world of mortals. In desperation, Empure Leng reached for anything to save himself, took hold of Hantei, and pulled him down alongside him.

Few major or tumultuous events occurred during the eleventh emera,d, but this was in part a prelude to far greater things, as the Empire approached the Second Day of Thunder. The first century was a time of great excitement and upheaval.

It was simple for everyone to push aside petty rivalries with other Great Clans to come together against Iuchiban’s threat. Fewest followed Hantei Naseru, the politically adept youngest son, who had taken the Hantei name as part of the truce that ended the War of Spirits. His discussions with Hantei broached every topic under the sun, and Shiba recorded all the words from this meeting as a single text.

He wandered the land incognito, trying to understand this concept, and finally traveled into the heart of the Shadowlands to the Tomb of Emerapd Thunders, the resting place of the original seven heroes. Hida, stronged of the Kami, was defeated by the speed and skill of Shinjo, but Shinjo in turn was tricked and defeated by Bayushi. Click empite to edit contents of this page.

History of the Emerald Empire – Legend of the Five Rings

The Heavens could no longer tolerate mankind’s influence in the spirit realms. Also, is an update of Way of the Daimyo. These conspirators, who would become the Kolat, swore to overthrow the divine rule imposed on them, even if it took centuries. Unfortunately, they had little time and preparation before their work was threatened to its empife. The thought of fighting perverted corpses ofpast heroes was especially shocking to a society that revered its ancestors.


The Gozuku believed they were doing the right thing, and they made many improvements to the Empire. Please try again later. Lord Moon, Onnotangu, held great contempt for the human race in his emeraod, a legacy of his bitter hatred for his own children whose bloodline had mingled with mortals. Legend of the Five Rings Hardcover: It was a time of minor battles and skirmishes for political gain. Some followed Toturi Sezaru, his eldest legitimate son, a prodigy shugenja who held the powers of three Elements within him.

When the Kami arrived, they believed their brothers Fu Leng and Ryoshun were dead incorrectly, in the case of Fu Lengand chose not to speak of their fallen siblings out of respect for them. The greatest heroes of the Empire were entombed within the Imperial crypts.

Lady Sun and Lord Moon looked down upon the moral world and were perplexed by its formlessness. Rosoku believed Rokugan needed to find enlightenment once more if it was to face the challenges of this age, and he presented the Empire with a series of enigmatic riddles.

Thus one child was saved, and Lord Moon fell into a deep slumber. A shockingly good purchase that you will not regret. Intrigued and deceptive, Onnotangu chose not to name this particular bit of existence, and did not bring it to Amaterasu’s attention.

Emoire Lying Darkness was defeated, reduced to a shell of its former power.

If you have already purchased the L5R 4th edition core rule book and Enemies of the empire then you’re already hooked. This book has a massive golossary of Rokugan terms. Some information on mass battle and siege warfare.

Lady Sun, Amaterasu, was enraged by the death of her husband and left her position in the Celestial Heavens.