casting. Casting Simulation Suite. ProCAST / QuikCAST. Shot Sleeve Modeling in. High Pressure Die Casting. Courtesy of Mofopress. I am trying to do a cast simulation with ESI procast. I managet Do you have any tutorial to be as a guide to me for ProCAST ?? Xecus is. ESI ProCAST v Suite Win Platform:Win7/WIN8; Freshtime: 19; Tag:ESI ProCAST v procast tutorials training.

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The Best Needs The Best.

Pick on the model window to select the node. The runtime solver status is posted, as shown below, and is dynamically updated when the solver status changes. Advanced training tutorials take a closer look at some of the key post- processing, plotting and reporting features in Visual-CAST.

Click eai Play Forward icon in the Animation toolbar. Refresh Provides shortcuts to post: Select the file TCg. Right-click on the main toolbar area again and select Customize… from the posted menu to post porcast Customize panel.

The software, based on powerful Finite Element Technology, is well suited to also predict distortions and residual stresses and can address more specific processes like semi-solid, coreblowing, centrifugal, lost foam and continuous casting.

He was nine years old, with an alcoholic mother and an absent father. From the DrawShape toolbar, select the Oval icon drag the mouse to create an oval shape. Select different volumes and click on OK button. Por favor,activa el JavaScript! Set up a custom training. Show Only option Curves: Each tutorial presents an explanation in English of the grammatical rules, examples, and short quizzes Pick any node and plot curve for default result Temperature.


Close the Vector panel. QuikCAST meets industrial needs. Enter Start step as 20 under Time Control. Created groups are updated in the curve evolution list.

Select the Isosurfaces option and click on the Post Slice Panel icon. Drag the Speed Control slider towards Slow reduce the animation speed. Change the default value to Click on P1W2 and click on Plot button. Change the contour category type to None in the Contour Panel.

Click on the Status button in the posted panel to turn off all traces. Load time history files and create curves using plot options. Click on the Print Preview icon Click on to post the print preview window.

Similarly, you can scan or visualize the model in X-Ray mode by specifying the Delta value. The model is updated with the available vectors, with the default color set as White. Select Groups 1 and 2 in the entity list.

Display of End Point for Particle Time?


Similarly, delete the other two windows. The defined plane translates to the picked region of the model.

ESI ProCAST v Suite Win64

Click on Apply button to generate the selected result for the current step with the Overwrite option. Drag the Table object and position it at the center of the draw block. Ensure that the model window is active. Synchronization Allows navigation tutoriaos pages: Set the format type to Abacus. Change the window layout to two windows using the Two Windows icon Template toolbar.

Software Tutorial,Education –

Change the tab to Curve Settings. In this chapter, the following features are described: The Open panel is posted. Locate the alloy part in the loaded model. The design concept can be compared to the power steering in your car.

Change the contour category from None to Thermal. In the Marker Color section, select any suitable color for the marker and click on Close button to close the panel.

Click on Play icon scan the model for 20 slices.