This book by Eli Clare, explores the landscape of disability, class, queerness, and child abuse, telling stories that echo with the sounds of an Oregon logging and. Third Edition of. Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness, and Liberation. A finalist for a ForeWord’s Book of the Year Award. Exile and Pride Cover. Get this from a library! Exile & pride: disability, queerness & liberation. [Eli Clare].

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Queefness we find the path again, decide to continue climbing only to have the very people who told us how wonderful life is at the summit booby trap the trail. I wasn’t anticipating the deep reflection on place and the author’s childhood in rural Oregon, but I found this part especially unique and insightful.

Eli Clare uses her own multiple loyalties as a lens to examine identity politics and political agency in the face of systemic oppression and interpersonal abuse. Sign up for new title announcements and special offers.

The “pride” chapters are full of unanswered questions, and the reader can tell Clare is just now teasing out answers for himself.

Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness and Liberation

This book summarises a lot of theories that are explored in much greater depth and detail elsewhere. I found some things though they were minor, petty things in all honesty hard to liveration onto on a personal level but what this book says is so important.

Informative about a variety of subjects. Don’t make me write a review, especially one that you’d be reading when you can read the book!

Eli Clare aand a poet, essayist, activist, and the author of The Marrow’s Telling: Clare is fearless and Sep 06, Laura rated it it was ok. It’s rare that I’ve found books on class that take an intersectional approach, grounding class status within experiences of race, gender, location.


This collection is brilliant. Things in life will contrad Read this for class.

Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness, and Liberation

Firstly, the book’s academic writing aspirations. This book has a lot of very valuable things to say about disability queegness queerness, but this was one of the things that stood out the most for me. However each word is deliberately chosen and tenderly placed on the page. What connections can be made between loggers and drag queens, between environmentalists and paraplegics? Such an in depth examination of many levels of identity.

I think one of the defining characteristics of resistance art is that it effectively raises the awareness of those in the mainstream.

Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness, and Liberation | Independent Living Institute

This book, I feel, was tough and transformative — it has opened my eyes to assumptions and structures that I had never imagined. Clare brings up the social stigmas and assumptions revolving around sexuality and eixle, the portrayal of disabled people, quueerness how sexism, racism, homophobia, and violence can shape a child’s identity. Sign-in or register now to continue. Much of the rest is on the complication of tangled identities in single people disabled, queer, and working class, etc.

Exile and Pride | Duke University Press

To ask other readers questions about Exile and Prideplease sign up. Hated half the book. Privacy and data protection policy for the Independent Living Institute.

He finds freedom in urban dyke culture but experiences loss of community and connection to land amongst wealthy people in the city. Exile and Pride changed my life and transformed my political outlook at age I appreciate this book so much for what it did in terms of driving dialogue and discourse further, and love the methodology of interacting with a myriad of important ideas through narrative, poetry, history, and prose.


For book covers to accompany reviews, please contact the publicity prixe. The hard work of self- and other-reflection in an age of intersectionality, which requires some discomfort with oneself and one’s own loyalties.

The focus on having empathy for the white working class was unexpected and something that I’m having difficulty with right now.

One of the most vital ideas contained within this book is the idea that nobody is a perfect all-righteous activist. We speak the wrong languages with the wrong accents, wear the wrong clothes, carry our bodies the wrong ways, ask the wrong questions, love the wrong people. Nov 18, l.

As someone who has limited exposure to works by disabilit LGBTIQ community, and none at all from the disability community, Clare’s book has been a treasure by opening my eyes to a whole new world. He explains the ways that society creates queerness by defining and enforcing binary gender norms. They burn the bridge over the impassable canyon.

Our Comment Policy Critiques of Elevate Difference and the content of any review on this site are welcome; however, we will not tolerate flaming, attacks, or any form of abuse. Critiques of Elevate Difference and the content of any review on this site are welcome; however, we will not tolerate flaming, attacks, or any form of abuse. View additional images and download publicity materials. He speaks regularly liberatiin universities and conferences throughout the United States about disability, queer identities, and social justice, and his writing has appeared in numerous periodicals and anthologies.