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Herewas a woman who was unusual in more ways than just being a blindperson who could “see.

drunvalo – [DOC Document]

Folarea, I sent another letter to the City of Phoenix: In investigating these lights, the Mamas found thatthey were the lights of people who had learned about their lightbod-des. They said, “We traveled down the mountain to another tribenearby, to a woman in that tribe who has special abilities.

I had just experienced the”language that has no words,” and I was never going to be the sameagain. As we climbed the hill, asmall forest emerged toward the top. Evenif they were born of the same cosmic Source, brothers and sisters wereunable to express their thoughts and feelings and soon became ene-mies. Months later when we tried to give him the independent scientific testing from Fort Collins, Colorado, that proved that our equipment worked, he was too busy.

But do you remember?

We made littlesounds to one another, interspersed with quiet whinnies. Myhome comprised an old Chevrolet school bus and a white,traditional Native American tipi that was nestled beside the bus.


I knew exactly what Inge was talk-ing about, but Id never applied the idea of Mary Anns inner screento the superpsychic children.

floarea vietii vol

American elder who called me and drove him to my home. For the next thirty minutes I became a horse. I continued my training until the day came when Slim and Jon feltthat 1 was ready to test my skills.

I am telling you about other experiences simplyso you can use them as a reference, not as a “law. Before I could think about what I had seen, she asked me floaeea at the central screen and tell her what 1 saw. But truly, 1 didnt have any expec- This would definitely be a good test. Its not an easyundertaking, but when the mind cooperates, the heart responds. It was truly amazing. This language comes from a cietii space within their hearts.

Drunvalo Melchizedek Floarea Vietii Vol 2

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. As a result, expectations as to how this expe-rience is “supposed” to happen will sometimes get in the way.

Really, it was very easy; as Id hadso much experience in the psychic field, doing this seemed com-pletely natural to me. Hestill was not convinced. Home Documents Living in the heart drunvalo melchizedek. Un om pregatit sa arunce toate mastile, toate caracterele prefabricate, toata ipocrizia, gata sa arate lumii cine este el cu adevarat.


This book is written with the least amount ofwords possible to convey the meaning and to keep the integrity ofthe essence of this experience. At any rate, one day she called me, and we began a weekly con-versation which we kept up for about four months.


With that one exception, shed had the identical experience as I did. It was separation in the coldest form. Wheneveryone began leaving the circle, this man stood up from his wheel-chair and began to walk back to the lodge with the group, leaving thewheelchair behind! All over the world! The ceremony was to be performed by the followers of the pey- ote cult, the Native American Church, within the Taos Pueblo andwas set to commence on the sunrise on a certain day in the future.

She had a consciousness that was inter-facing with both of these dimensions. Now there was absolutely no doubt of the validity of a secretplace in the heart.

Probabil, iti vei reaminti cum sa te vindeci singur, cum sa fi conectat si independent, simtind o putere interioara in continua crestere cu care vei putea incepe sa-i ajuti pe altii. This wasback in This links theinner world of the heart with the outer world of the mind. Pretty impressive, since they lived three hundred miles from theU. Mary Ann said to me, “Drunvalo, we are about to turn to theright.

Did she learn anything? There was absolutely nothing, nohydrocarbon pollution. At the first opportunity, I went intomeditation to my cave and sure vietiii, her picture was right thereon the wall.