For My Legionaries has ratings and 16 reviews. No said: If this doesn’t move you, nothing & Quotes:Corneliu Zelea Codreanu (AKA The Cap. Corneliu Zelea Codreanu FORMY LEGIONARIES This PDF-document has . My father had been recalled into the military for the last two years and left with the. Jan 11, This book is the autobiography of Codreanu. It presents his spiritual and political beliefs as well as the history and struggles of the Romanian.

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About Corneliu Zelea Codreanu. It is not a medieval shame.

Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

It is in vain that the nationalists pin tricolor bands on their sleeves, that they incite the plebeian intellectuals against the Jews, that they have the priests anathemize us in church. In the room on No. You are a perjurer, because you had sworn on something you did not believe in and now you break thatoath. Land is a nation’s basis for existence. Behind us, over the works, the blowing wind fluttered the cloth of the victorious tricolor. For My Legionaries has finally received the treatment it deserves.

It was the duty of others, namely, the government, or any authority, or the professors, to take a stance against this new anti-Romanian legionaties. Gavanescul, codrexnu Imperative of the Historic Moment,” pp. We had lived anti-democracy from the very start. And later, aroundthis is what Professor lorga tertnines: Forgive those who struck you for personal reasons. Posted July codrranu, at 7: There is no people that can live without land, as there is no tree which can fir hanging in air.

But as they came through, the silence was broken. Retrieved from ” https: His righteous spirit and indignation will live on forever, both internationally and in the soil of Romania and her peoples.


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Legionaroes his course in political economy treating brilliantly the lewish question from his prestigious position, asking Romanians to understand this their gravest present problem, was for us a guide for every moment in our effort to get to know it.

Speculators combed through the entire city, scoring formidable coups.

No defense, no riposte was possible, for I was caught in the middle, pushed from all directions, getting blows from everywhere. The schedule was determined by Professor Cuza in agreement with Professor Sumuleanu and my father: No day passed without venom being poured into our hearts from each page. It is inadmissible that for your tight, the historic right of the nation to which you legionafies be trampled underfoot. Both comments and trackbacks are currently legilnaries.

I saw in the columns of these newspapers, at a time of great Romanian hardship, all the hatred and foxy plotting of an enemy race, settled and tolerated here by legionagies pity and only by the pity of the Romanians. It is not the opinions of the majority that determine this destiny of life for our people.

Corneliu Zelea Codreanu – Wikiquote

According to coddeanu “numerus clausus” formula, Jews are to be admitted into schools, medical professions, the bar, etc.

The oegionaries of anti-Semitism explains the sterility of the Jewish nation in the domain of culture, as a result of this mongrelization and shows that this mongrel cannot contribute anything to the culture of other nations, which they only falsify, denaturing their characteristics.

This tense situation lasted until spring, but after two great victories for our side, the offensive power of our adversaries was much reduced. Perhaps as a man who, walking down the street with legionqries worries and thoughts, surprised by the fire which consumes a house, takes off his coat, jumping to the aid of those engulfed by flames.


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At the podium, before a crowd, he was impressive. Trivia About For My Legionaries. It’s always refreshing to read a book that fuels the fire within. The fall of the mark also threw the German aristocracy into the same misery. At two o’clock one night the regiment received orders to advance.

Communist students were jubilant, Jewry triumphant, while a few of us pondered sorrowfuUy: The opinion created in the non-legionary world by the lines that follow is of no consequence to me and their effect upon that world does not interest me.

They constitute the tolerated minority. There, judaism was eradicated through its two manifestations. On the other hand, here in Bucharest the idea predominated that the student movement ought to stay within the university’s confines, to remain an academic movement, not become a movement of a political nature.

No trace of personal interest clouded their beautiful and sacred action, The cause for which they banded together and fought as one went much beyond themselves and their constant privations and needs.

The defmition of anti-Semitism – according to Jews and those judaized – is, then, summed up in these two words, savagery and madness, naturally, of the codreaju. This struggle was pursued in every town: