Frederick F. Reichheld (born , Cleveland) is a New York Times best-selling author, (), and The Ultimate Question: Driving Good Profits and True Growth (). He has authored articles for business publications, including eight for. These were the assertions in the book The Ultimate Question by Fred Reichheld, a Bain & Company consultant. The same assertions were repeated and. Fred Reichheld. · Rating details · ratings · 54 reviews. Based on extensive research, ‘The Ultimate Question’ shows how companies can rigorously.

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To get this thing published, the authors had to pad it out to book length, and it’s just way, way, way long.

The Ultimate Question – by Fred Reichheld

No trivia ulyimate quizzes yet. Bad Profits, Good Profits and the Ultimate Question Customer-centricity is the path to growth because it drives customer loyalty, helping make a company mission-driven as well as profit-driven.

An alternative to cocker spaniels,” The Economist, August 23, Dec 03, Adam Decker rated it liked it. Choose a scale and stick to it, Principle 3: Any business leader or owner would benefit from reading the book.

Such a simple yet powerful concept that any company could afford to implement. Nov 05, Srikanth rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Were it not for that perhaps I would have given it a lower score Apr 09, Daniel rated it liked it Shelves: A sound strategy is to tailor the customer-experience questions to your product or service and to your business goals.


I refer to this book often when visiting with business leaders. Often times, good ethics does equal high profits, but such a statement should never paint broad strokes. The standard our company is using for the customer experience.

Good Ethics Equaling Good Business Considering the angle I presented at the beginning of the review, where are the ethics in this book? Promoters loyal enthusiasts who keep buying and urge their friends to do so.

The Ultimate Question 2.0

Goodreads helps you keep track of rrichheld you want to read. Jun 25, Grumpus rated it liked it Shelves: Adopting NPS as solution for driving long-term customer-centric cultural change, rather than a short term program or initiative, and realising the change must touch every part of the organisation Chapter 7: He speaks on loyalty and other business topics at management conferences and similar events.

Reichhelda well-known Customer Loyalty expert pitches for a methodology aimed towards increasing the customer response rate and also proposes a single metric called Net Promoter Score NPS to measure the customer satisfaction.

Great read and resource to help you set an effective and measurable customer strategy. But then that’s the answer to another ultimate question, isn’t it? I liked several of their points about reducing the volume of feedback collected from one’s customers and boiling it down to a simple question. Reichheld, however, believes that these profit-oriented measurements force business leaders to become addicted to bad profits.

May 18, JP rated it really liked it.

Promoters are worth more because they have a higher retention rate, are less price sensitive, have a higher annual spend, are more cost efficient they cost less to serve than complaining detractors and refer more.


If you want to include a recommendation question, you might consider something similar to the following this is a restaurant example, so remember that the exact wording must be tailored to your product, company, and situation:. Dec 01, Jon rated it it was ok. To know this, companies need to segment customers by customer type, measure on these dimensions and then compare the outcomes.

Open Preview See a Problem? I really buy into the concept of the Ultimate Question reichhel believe it can apply to most any business. A business need not be overtly ethical in order to serve customers; it only needs to practice the golden rule of treating others as it would wish to be treated in order to obtain a high NPS.

The Ultimate Question® And the Net Promoter® Score

Bain and Associates did research to determine which of several potential questions best relate to increased loyalty. This book offers a great question, the ultimate question in fact, for organizations to ask their customers: It can be a useful question to ask, but it’s only a starting point and certainly not the ultimate question.

I like it so much.