Channel radio control system instruction manual • Read online or download PDF • Futaba 3PK User Manual. View and Download FUTABA 3PK instruction manual online. 3-CHANNEL RADIO CONTROL SYSTEM. 3PK Remote Control pdf manual download. View and Download FUTABA 3PKS instruction manual online. download. Also for: Magnum 3pk super. Remote Control FUTABA 3PK Instruction Manual.

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Make this adjustment when you want to decrease the total travel of the brake push side of the throttle trigger. If the trans- Cover mitter has not been used for some time, cycle the battery by charging and discharging it two or three times.

Channel nanual position “CH3” 3rd channel system The channel 3 servo position can be set from the transmitter. Steering servo CH1 2: Use idle-up to increase the idle for starting only.

Page 55 Memory Error: To print the manual completely, please, download it. The setting is stored within the programming and the onscreen displays continue to show neutral.

FUTABA 3PKS Instruction Manual

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Custom Menu A menu matched to the purpose custom menu can be created by using the menu cus- tomize function.


Always use an extension of the proper length. Brake return time vo returns versus trigger oper- X: P” and make the following adjustments. When set time of ALRM passes and the timer is stopped, the last lap is memorized and the total time is automatically written after the last lap and the average lap is automati- cally written after that. Interested in exploring more of what the 3PK has to offer?

If the battery is charged with a quick charger for other than digital RC systems, it may not be fully charged. A rigid, short antenna mounted to the model. Unlike expo- nential, which adjusts the whole throttle movement into a curve, throttle acceleration simply “jumps” away from neutral and then leaves the remaining response linear.

We immediately began to evaluate the backlog of Futaba parts and service requests, completing what could be done with available parts. Idle-Up “IDLUP” Throttle system Use this function to improve the starting characteristics of the engine by raising the idling speed when starting the engine of a gas powered car. HRS frame rate is faster than many speed controls can properly read to complete their auto setups.

Timer screen is displayed on the initial screen. Push the lever to the left or right up or down Operating by push button switch: If signals are output normally, RF output monitor “RF” will be displayed on the screen.


This mixing uses the 2nd channel to control the rear brakes and the 3rd channel to control the front brakes. Brake application time ation for brake release.

Futaba® – Contact Us

Delay; determines how long the braking is applied 3pj ABS begins to operate. Use engine cut part of auto-start to shut engine off at end of run. Page 57 Base Load Antenna: Installation Safety Precautions Warning Receiver receiver antenna Do not cut ,anual bundle the receiver antenna wire. Prior approval of the appropriate government authorities may be required. The menu type can be set for each model. The 3PKS also has a navigation timer effective during practice runs. However, failures can still occur which cause loss of this memory.

Model names may be the same between models; model will still be displayed and will still be different. Open and select menu 1.