M Dragan, W Dragan. Journal of psychopathology and behavioral assessment 36 (2), , 16, Genetyka zachowania w psychologii i psychiatrii . Oniszczenko, A Sobolewski. Przegląd Psychologiczny 45 (2), , Genetyka zachowania w psychologii i psychiatrii. W Oniszczenko, WŁ Dragan. Oniszczenko W., Dragan W.Ł. Genetyka zachowania w psychologii i psychiatrii. badania asocjacyjne całego genomu (GWAS) wniosły do psychiatrii?,

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Polimorfizmy w genach systemu dopaminergicznego a cechy temperamentu EAS: Remember me on this computer. Many efforts are constantly made to find the cause of this mental illness. In this study the family-based method was used.

Genetic and environmental factors in the etiology of schizophrenia – towards mainstreaming

De novo CNV analysis implicates specific abnormalities of postsynaptic signalling complexes in the pathogenesis of schizophrenia, The study was run on biological families with one or two children aged ObjectivesThe aim of this article is to report on the validation of the Polish version of PDS and to test its factor structure with reference to two models: The present study examined the relations between temperamental traits distinguished in regulative theory of temperament, state anxiety, and metacognition as postulated in self-regulatory executive function S-REF theory of emotional disorder.

A different pattern of relationships between the intensity of the tempera-mental trait and the occurrence of anxiety and depression depending on the amount of reported adversity may result from the cumulative effect of the negative consequences of this type of experience. Results Obese patients compared with a control group scored lower in briskness, endurance and activity, and higher in perseveration.


The erotic images are divided into five categories, depending on their content: De Gruyter – Sciendo. Genetyka zachowania w psychologii i psychiatrii.

Genetic influence on blood pressure and lipid parameters in a sample of Polish twins. Blood pressure 12 1, From twins to genetic polymorphisms: The data collected suggest that variability in dopamine genes may have impact on the development of temperamental shyness, which is recognized as a fear of strangers.

An association between dopamine D4 receptor and transporter gene polymorphisms and personality traits, assessed using NEO-FFI in a Polish female population more. Their combined citations are counted only for the first article.

Behavioral Genetic Research in Poland more. International Journal of Behavioral Development 35 6, International Journal of …. A moderating role of the level of childhood adversity on the relationship of emotional reactivity and the occurrence of anxiety and depression was observed. The majority of the research that has been carried out is grounded in twin and family studies, although recent work based on molecular techniques has also been developed.

Twin Research and Human Genetics 8 1, Bussa i Roberta Plomina: This article is a presentation of genes and the impact of various external environmental factors, leading to the onset of schizophrenia. Behavioral genetic research has been conducted at the University of Warsaw for the past 20 years.


Oniszczenko, Włodzimierz [WorldCat Identities]

The ADH gene cluster SNP rs and temperamental dimensions in patients with alcohol dependence and affective disorders more. A review of recent findings, The satisfactory convergent psychuatrii was supported by a large number of significant correlations with other measures of trauma-related psychopathology. The impact of environmental factors in severe psychiatric disorders, In particular, research is directed toward the traits postulated in the Regulative Theory of Temperament.

Activity and Emotional Reactivity more. Journal of psychopathology and behavioral assessment 36 2, Twin Research and Human Genetics 8 6, Moosa i Bernice S.

European Journal of Personality 17 3, This “Cited by” count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

European Journal of Psychotraumatology 3 1, Definitely, a large group of environmental factors has an important role. Of the six traits, briskness, emotional reactivity and perseveration correlated significantly with both state anxiety and metacognitions emotional reactivity and perseveration correlated positively, and briskness – negatively.

ResultsPDS showed high internal consistency and test—retest reliability, good diagnostic agreement with SCID, good sensitivity but relatively low specificity.