A new historical fantasy from Russ Whitfield, set in an ancient world much like our Gladiatrix was Russ’s first novel, published in by Myrmidon Books. Read “Gladiatrix” by Russell Whitfield with Rakuten Kobo. The Ancient Roman public’s hunger for gladiatorial combat has never been greater. The Emperor. Love, lust, rage, loss, suffering, revenge. Gladiatrix is more than just the bloody life of a gladiator. It follows the life of a slave – with all the hurts.

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Pieces of the story are a little melodramatic for my whitifeld – specifically some of the early interactions between the gladiatricies within their ludus. She even goes to a dinner with the Roman Governor knowing full well what might be expected of her.

The Ancient Roman public’s hunger for gladiatorial combat has never been greater. Whittield the surface, the novel is well paced, exciting, the clash of blades, the savagery and power of life in the Roman world on display and seen through the eyes of an outsider who is now the lowest of the low. Overview Readers reviews 5 Product Details.

Jun 19, Tim rated it really liked it Shelves: Aug 23, Tara Chevrestt rated it really liked it Shelves: Lysandra has a passionate love affair with a fellow gladiatrix in the first book and her lovers’ death plays an important role in Lysandra’s emotional makeup. I don’t have a problem with lesbians, but it just seems to me that the author is trying to say that women can’t be strong without being lesbians. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.


Throw in some ‘close’ relationships between the women and you have yourself the recipe for a solid B-movie. It was better than I expected! I loved the fact how the last fight scene was based on an actual stele. In addition to the obligatory amount of well-oiled, sweating and topless gladiatricies, Whitfield has written an intensely erotic scene with two female and two male gladiators I’ll not give away who exactlyas well as a rather gruesome rape scene which becomes an important event throughout the story.

Meanwhile there is another Gladiatrix Prima rising to the fame of Roma Victrix and the emporor, who loves a good show decides to pit these two fierce women against each other. Book II Throne of Caesars.

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Feb 12, Liliflaj rated it it was amazing Shelves: Scott Oden – Author of the critically-acclaimed novels Men of Bronze, an epic glaiatrix amid the splendor and ruin of 26th dynasty Egypt, and Memnon, which chronicles the rise and fall of Memnon of Rhodes www.

Talk about exceeding expectations. Apr 24, Aaron Advani rated it it was amazing. In fact, Russel Whitfield writes such vivid, epic fight scenes, I found myself re-reading entire battle passages to better follow the choreography. He must have an enormous thesaurus. The author has spun a good yarn, but the novel does not have the nuance of greater works. Rather than being sold as a common slave or, worse, to a brothel, she is sold to a gladiator training school specializing in the exotic market of the gladiatrix.


Il litigio con la giovane, di pochi momenti prima, unito al rimorso per le scartoffie ancora da Asia Minore. You’ve successfully reported this review. Galdir – Rebel of the North. Whitfield carried Lysandra’s story further, introducing us to new characters and reacquainting us with beloved characters from Gladiatrix. It provides her with motivation, pride, a religious foundation, and an emotional wall of protection.


Now Sorena leads a vicious troop of horsewomen. Want to Whitfiepd saving…. rusell

In the dirt of the Coliseum, known to history as the Flavian Amphiheatre To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lysandra’s story is appealingly gory, full of revenge and rape. Reading over the other reviews of this book, I noted that some felt that Lysandra showed no growth or development. The ending, which I won’t spoil by mentioning here, also seemed a little too clean cut to be true.

Its what they do to entertain themselves. I like the way she is characterized, from the depths of her despondent moods to the heights of her triumphs. Unfortunately, to the last page, I hated the main character.

Roma Victrix was very different and I defintely did appreciate the changes. Enter the protagonist, Lysandra, a Spartan Priestess of Athene and a trained warrior. We appreciate your feedback.

The subject concerns a gladiatorial school that specializes in female arena fighters, Gladiatrices, and the struggle to survive in a harsh environment, one in which there is very little hope for a long and prosperous life. Some of whitield pattern of the story follows, to an extent, part of the arc of the movie Gladiator, and not to its credit. And they have swords – what’s not to love.